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Regarding Blaine's transfer.

I'll be honest: I was so genuinely happy that Blaine had transferred that I didn't hear why he was doing it. I was so excited that I was barely even able to pay attention to the words they were saying in that scene. I was squeeing over the adorable.

Yes I am twenty-three years old, and no I am not ashamed.

But anyway, I went home and watched that scene again and discovered that Blaine actually straight-up transferred to be closer to Kurt, the person he loves. And I guess this is kind of a sore spot for some people in fandom. Some wanted a better reason for his transfer. Transferring for love, I suppose, is not a good enough reason.

But what reason would have been okay? Should Blaine have transferred to face up to his past? To stop 'running away', as he put it way back in Never Been Kissed. I don't like that reason, because I don't view leaving a school you got the 'living crap' beat out of you as running away. Blaine apparently viewed it that way, sure. But could the show have gotten away with having Blaine transfer for that reason? For implying that it's not okay to get yourself out of a dangerous situation and into a safe one? That not doing so is cowardly?

So then, what other reasons are there? He's sick of private school snobbery? I don't think so--he loves Dalton and the Warblers; they cannot remotely compare with McKinley in levels of awesome. So was it money troubles? Well, then the problem would have been plot contrivance, wouldn't it?

My point is this: why isn't love a good enough reason? We're not talking about the situation in the first season, when Jesse transferred to be Rachel, a) not for love, and b) after they'd only known each other for a few days. I personally see Kurt and Blaine as a very different breed of high school relationship. They're not playing around; you know that, and I know that. So why shouldn't Blaine transfer to be closer to the boy he loves?

I'm gonna reveal a little secret about me that I haven't really told many people. It's probably going to also reveal my bias, so do with it what you will.

After I graduated from high school, I took a year off to work. During that year, there was a boy I was getting close to. I really liked him, and one day this boy and I went for breakfast, and he asked me what plans I had for the future. Then he told me about the college he was attending, and about the program he was in. It sounded like a great school and a great program, so I took the necessary steps to apply, and I got in.

This was about four years ago now, and while I am no longer with that boy or in love with that boy; while I am no longer in that particular program of study, applying to that school was one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life.

Did I make that decision based on love? Partly, yes. But I knew what people would think, what they'd say if they knew that was part of my reasoning, and I went and did it anyway. And even though things didn't work out with that boy I truly don't regret a single moment of that relationship, the decision included.

I don't know. I guess I think it's pretty sweet and pretty romantic that Blaine transferred to be closer to Kurt. And sure, it might not work out between Kurt and Blaine, but the relationship we're being privy to will never be a regret for them. I think the decision to transfer will be important to Blaine throughout hs life, completely aside from how he feels about Kurt.

Besides, they really might be together for the rest of their lives! And isn't that a sweet story to tell the grandkids?

So I'm not too fussed about Blaine's transfer and his motives for doing so. I'm just very happy he's at McKinley with Kurt, wearing sexy outfits and beaming at Kurt in the choir room, and I am very eager to see how things play out with Kurt and Blaine in the future.
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