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So I have a midterm tomorrow for which I should be studying, and an activity I need to plan out for the girls at the group home, but all I really want to do is continue working on the first story I've gotten real inspiration for since the summer.

Here's the premise. Kurt hits major success in the Broadway world when he's 22, and pretty quickly after that Kurt and Blaine become a famous couple. This will be the story of their navigation of all that fame and celebrity entails; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It just suddenly occurred to me that I've never really considered and explored the possibility of a world where Kurt and Blaine are a famous couple, learning the ins-and-outs of having their relationship held up to a microscope and dissected by the Public Eye. There will be a connect between the media and fan reaction to Kurt and Blaine in our own reality as well as within theirs, so this story will be blurring those lines a bit. Or a lot. I will say it's probably going to be one of the most meta stories I've ever written.

I hope you enjoy this first look at what I've been working on. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


"Blaine," Kurt calls excitedly, "Blaine, you've got to see this. Get in here." Blaine walks into Kurt's office with half his face covered in shaving cream. Kurt lets out a shout of laughter. "Wow, thanks for coming so promptly."

Blaine smiles and saunters over. "Not a problem. Now what have I got to see?"

"This." Kurt turns his laptop so Blaine can lean in to see the screen properly. "Read it out loud."

Blaine glances sidelong at Kurt with a fond look, then reads, "'How Kurt Hummel Found Love'. Oh, god. Do I really want to read this?"

"I think you do, yes," Kurt insists.

"Alrighty." He clears his throat, hams it up a bit with a serious expression, "'Broadway's Kurt Hummel--" Blaine grins, "'found love years ago in the form of an attractive young man named Blaine Anderson. You may have seen him at Kurt's side on the night of the Tony Awards, or perhaps in the paparazzi photos in downtown Manhattan from just last week. Kurt and Blaine met during Kurt's junior year, and they soon discovered a deep love that is still going strong today. The question is--with gay marriage having been legal in New York for some time now--when are these lovebirds getting hitched?'"

Blaine's smiling when he reaches the end. "That's a nice picture of us," he says quietly, pointing at the shot of them just below the article. It's one of them from the Tonys; Kurt has his arm around Blaine's waist, and they're both grinning wide, flushed.

They look happy.

"Well, your public is curious, Kurt," Blaine says, straightening up with a smirk. "They want to know when we're getting married. I have to admit, I'm sort of curious, too."

Kurt wipes a spot of shaving cream off Blaine's nose. "How should we break the news?" Kurt asks instead of answering which is an answer in itself.


No wedding bells for Kurt Hummel And His High School Sweetheart After All?

"The engagement's off," says a source close to the couple. "Blaine's sick of Kurt being away so much. And with all the time Kurt's been spending rehearsing for next year's revitalized
RENT, he's also jealous of how much time Kurt spends with his on-stage love interest, Jeremy Saunders. Can you say sexual tension? Blaine's holding their engagement over Kurt's head, using it as leverage to get what he wants."

Another source says Kurt's tired of Blaine being so controlling, always telling Kurt what to do, that he should ‘tone down his gay' so that he can fit better in the industry. And apparently this is nothing new. An old schoolmate of Kurt's reports that Blaine has always been controlling. "He used to silently coach him during performances."

We’ve heard of stage parents before, but stage boyfriends?

According to a third source, "Blaine is borderline abusive."

A body language specialist analyzed the photos of Kurt and Blaine from their latest awards show appearance. "You can see that Blaine is physically clinging to Kurt; just look at how strong he's holding on. He's afraid Kurt's going to leave him. It seems very possible that Blaine might be resorting to emotional and more serious physical methods of control, and abusive behaviour is often be an aspect of that. "

Sounds like trouble. Are you rooting for Kurt and Blaine? Or do you think Kurt needs to move on? We hear there are plenty of men who are willing to take Blaine’s place...


When Kurt gets home from a 15-hour day of rehearsing, he's ready to collapse into bed and sleep until Monday when he'll have to be back at the theatre to do it all over again. The slight flaw in his plan is Blaine sitting on the couch in the living room with the television off. He looks up when Kurt pokes his head in, and he looks so miserable that Kurt feels some of his exhaustion slipp away.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asks gently. Blaine shakes his head minutely, but Kurt walks right over and sits beside him, takes Blaine's hands in his. "Come on, talk to me."

Blaine bites his lip. "It's stupid."

"Tell me anyway."

"Fine.” He sighs. “I know I probably shouldn't read any of the press about us."

"Correct," Kurt says immediately.

"But I couldn't help myself," Blaine continues, "I went online after dinner, and--god, it was horrible, Kurt. The things people are saying. They hate me. They don't think I deserve you." He swallows. "Maybe they're right," Blaine says softly.

Kurt sees red. "What the fuck are you saying?" he demands. "That these strangers on the internet know us better than we do?"

"They were saying that you could do so much better than me, and they're right! You could! You're so famous now!"

"Oh, I see. So having some notoriety must mean I want someone else?” Kurt translates. “Do you really think I want someone who doesn't know the first thing about how to love me? Or how to be courageous and self-sacrificing? Tell me, did any of those internet bloggers come to my high school prom with me after experiencing hell at his own school dance? Have any of the ample out actors in Hollywood encouraged me and stood by me every goddamn step of the way?"

Blaine's staring at Kurt, mouth slightly open, but Kurt doesn't let him say anything yet.

"These people who think they know me because they've seen my performances? They haven't got a fucking clue who I am. But you know. You know, and you love me anyway. Why would I ever want anyone or anything else? Don't ever think the rest of the world has us figured out, all right? If their made-up drama about us is going to bother you this much--if those idiots are going to make you doubt us, don't read any of it. Any of it. Don't read it, and don't believe it. It's all complete bullshit. Got it, Blaine? Fuck 'em."

Blaine heaves a watery chuckle, whispers, “Got it,” and leans in for a kiss.

Kurt happily gives him one.


So there's a little snapshot for you. Please feel free to give me feedback if you have it.

And now to buckle down and get to work. I have studying incentives in the form of chocolate; that is, a white-chocolate Toblerone. So excited!

And how are you all doing, flist!?
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