Feb. 2nd, 2011

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I honestly have no idea who reads my journal anymore, and because my posts are so irregular I'm not really sure there'll be any interest in the following, but I do think it sounds like fun, so!

The Commentary Meme: I will write a DVD commentary for any of the fics I've written that you want to ask about. I'll tell you what the writing process was like, about alternate possibilities for the storylines and characters, things that happen in the background -- the stuff that didn't make it into the story, and anything else you might be curious about. Hit me up!


(Also, for those who might be wondering although the squeamish should probably skip this, my dad had his left foot amputated last week. This is not as tragic as it might seem, though. Apparently my dad's been considering it for over a year and trying to get accustomed to the idea. By the time the subject came up with his doctors on Thursday, he was unwavering in his agreement to do it. The surgery went well, and his doctors say he can be slotted in for rehab and fitted for a prosthesis in the next six to eight weeks as he heals up. He's obviously in some pain, but they're trying to control it with pain and nerve meds [that ghost limb thing people talk about? Totally true; my dad feels itchy where his toes should be, which is super creepy]. Things are still a little all over over the place for the moment, but I can see the horizon in the distance.)


Ugh, time to brave a snowstorm in order to hand in an assignment. Really wish class had been cancelled.

But Darren Criss' appearance on Ellen has cheered me. Check it out, he sings a song he wrote for her. It is adorable, and he looks amazing, and it's just fantastic!

♥ to all of you!

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