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Lady Gaga's a polarizing performer. People either love her or hate her, and then there are the people who are fairly indifferent, but for the most part she creates very strong feelings in a general audience. I find it fascinating, and a little disheartening.

I was all ready to despise Gaga. I heard Pokerface one day in a restaurant and literally went, "Who the hell is this?" I judged her then and there because, hey, it was pop music, and if there's anything I'm quick and happy to judge, it's pop music.

But then someone showed me a clip of Gaga performing a stripped-down version where it was just her and her piano, and I was left saying, "Well, she's got pipes, but you wouldn't know it from the music she's got playing on the radio right now."

Within a few months, I began to slowly warm up to her. I heard Paparazzi and fell in grudging love with it, and then I saw her a stripped-down performance of the song and loved it even more. Before long, I had to admit to myself that I was starting to become a fan.

Her Bad Romance video was the tipping point. At the end of that, I just sat there going, "Is this really it? Is someone actually doing this? Tiptoeing on to the music scene with the tried and true pop star mold only to turn around and put out songs and music videos of actual substance with valuable ideas and messages, instead of the tired love-and-sex model for hit songs?"

And it's pretty clear by now that's exactly what she did. She studied the industry to find out exactly how to be successful so that she could then put out the messages she's actually interested in sharing with the world.

A message of acceptance and inclusion; a message about the birth of a new generation of people who refuse to persecute others based on how we differ, but rather to celebrate those differences and come together as a supportive, loving community of diversity.

Whatever you think about Gaga, you cannot deny that that is a fucking beautiful message. And in a time and place where a lot of pop music is about superficiality, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who is genuinely authentic about humanitarian issues.

You don't have to like her music, but the fact that I like it is not a fucking crime. I am allowed to love Lady Gaga, and her music, and her performances, just as you are allowed to dislike them. Just say that, though: "I don't like Lady Gaga's music." Don't say, "Her music is shit. She's stupid and unoriginal and gimmicky." The message you're sending there is that I like shitty music, that I am foolish for liking someone who is, apparently, stupid, unoriginal and gimmicky in how she presents her music. And that's just rude. Dislike her performance style and music, but leave the cattiness at home, okay?

Music is personal. There are people out there who love the music you hate, and they're allowed to. There are people out there who hate the music you love, and they're allowed to as well.

But music is wonderful because it can unite people. It can lift us up and give us courage and conviction. It can be a refuge, our very best friend when we feel like we can't go on. And because music is all that and more, I think it's worth at least trying to be respectful of others' tastes, no matter how they differ from our own.

Essentially, we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of the music we love.

Hi all!

May. 20th, 2011 01:27 am
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+I recently wrote and posted a snippet from a Kurt/Blaine pen pal AU plot bunny that I lost inspiration for. Luckily, [ profile] happyinchintz72 has picked up my slack and begun writing a better, revamped version called Wild Horses. It's supposed to be a summer project, and so far it's super adorable! You should definitely read it!
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Let's talk about Sailor Moon.

This was one of my favourite shows as a child. My sister and I would watch every single episode. We had these miniature Sailor Moon figures (we only had Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, and the cats, though) and Sailor Moon blankets and bedsheets. We each had a Sailor Moon watch. It's fair to say we were pretty much obsessed.

I suddenly had the urge yesterday to look up some episodes, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while a little corny, it was still a really great show. It stars five young women who would band together to fight evil every episode. The characters were all very unique, with diverse strengths and failings, and a deep, deep friendship. Sailor Moon passes the The Bechdel Test with flying colours. It was a great show, I think, for female girls and teenagers to be watching because it showed that women could be strong, ambitious, and supportive while still occasionally mourning the uncertainty of being a teenage girl. It's not easy to be in that stage of life, and Sailor Moon showed that really well.

I still get chills watching certain scenes from the show. Sailor Moon may have been before or after your time, so it may not that have the same nostalgia factor for you, but I think the show still gives great examples of fun storytelling and character development.

This is the final battle of the first season, and it just... I get a lump in my throat every time.

Did you watch Sailor Moon? Talk to me :)
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Okay, so, over the course of the last several months I've been focused intently on school. But I can't stop the Glee bunnies from hopping in once in a while, and because I haven't posted much lately, I wanted to share some of the bits and pieces of what I've been working on and thinking about on the sidelines when I wasn't hunched over my desk in an effort to memorize sociological theories and the etiologies of autism, cerebral palsy and Rett Syndrome.

So here you have five unrelated stories that are either works-in-progress, stories that didn't make it to fruition, and an extra scene from a previous story of mine. All except one are Klaine-related, and the odd man out is a Kurt-Burt scene. They range from G to NC-17.

I hope they're somewhat interesting to you, and please let me know what you think of them.

This way for the bunnies! )
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My thoughts on Glee's Prom Queen.

Spoilers, obvs! )
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+ I have successfully stayed away from Glee spoilers for a whole week! I haven’t even watched the promo clip from tomorrow’s episode, and there’s Kurt twirling what looks like celery in the gifs I’ve inevitably run across. So, that’s a pretty bit feat for me! But it’s just that I want this episode (which has already been massively spoiled for me after the Nicole Crowther incident) to be as fresh as possible in reward for a fucking long, difficult, exhausting semester.

+ [ profile] caroline_shea, the mastermind behind Gaily We Promenade, read over what I’ve written for my bigbang and said things that made me not hate my writing with a fiery passion. This is good news, as it means I can stop feeling insecure for a while and write productively because someone believes I’m good at this writing thing. I don’t always have confidence in that, and it’s nice to be appreciated.


xoxo, Caroline!!!

+ I’ve had this discussion with a friend of mine about how Darren Criss is literally the perfect man, and how it’s necessary to believe there must be something wrong with him or life just isn’t fair because seriously what are the chances there’s another Darren out there for us to love (and to love us) in real time?

Which is why I’ve convinced myself Darren must have at least one major shortcoming. What that shortcoming is I have yet to discover, BUT IT HAS TO EXIST.

Because anything else is patently unfair.


+ Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory is fuckin’ stellar. The saxophone solo (and the little saxophone ending) makes my ears orgasm. Hnnnnnng.

I cannot wait for her fucking album to drop, fuck.

hold me

May. 4th, 2011 08:27 pm
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Canada is now governed by a Conservative majority leadership. This means Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, will have four years to irreparably damage our country until it is unrecognizable, and maybe then people will actually give a shit.

I don't understand how his party could be re-elected when they have undermined the Constitution time and time again. This party is pro-military. They want to spend money we don't have on fighter jets, and increase spending on crime even though crime rates have dropped. The party has slashed arts funding, as well as funding for women's groups, gay rights groups, and single-parent families.

I worry about the state of this country. How bad does it have to be for people to care? Will we wait until laws are changed to criminalize abortion? To have harsh sentences for smoking marijuana? To have the death penalty instated? I honestly don't think these are far stretches.

And we're going to get fixed election dates, which means we'll be stuck with a bullshit party instead of being able to call a goddamn election when we need one.

Maybe I'll move when I'm done with school.
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Lady Gaga just released her newest single, Judas, on Friday. Because of its obvious ties to the infamous story from the Bible, Christian groups have been attacking the song.

First, I want to talk a little bit about the way Christian groups (especially the Vatican) tend to attack artists in popular culture, usually in a transparently defensive manner, for exploring religious themes in their artistry. This is nothing new; Madonna was constantly being challenged by Christian groups, and the Catholic Church in particular, for daring to explore spirituality in her music. And for as long as I've been aware of this trend, even peripherally, I have been really perplexed by it.

Religion is arguably the most controversial and personal subject known to humankind. With it being the starting point of so much societal conflict, broaching the topic of religion in conversation is touchy. What do people say you should avoid talking about at social events? Religion and politics. Why politics? Well, probably because a lot of the potential for conflict within that subject of discussion is rooted in personal religious belief. And we avoid talking about religion at dinner parties because holy shit that is just a bad, bad idea.

Which doesn't mean people don't do it anyway. But rarely does it end well.

I remember when I was twelve I had this one friend who was a self-proclaimed atheist. My parents raised me from a very liberal standpoint, but they did bring me to church, where I learned Christian morals and teachings. My friend and I were both operating from our own parents' respective examples, but I can remember us standing underneath our favourite tree in this forest between our houses and fighting over religion until we were both screaming at each other and making no sense whatsoever. Being asked why you believe something, especially when you have no answer except the honest because my parents do, can be really fucking trying. You're trying to defend your beliefs, your specific point of view, and it feels personal because you can't provide irrefutable proof that your ideas of how the world works are the correct ones. You only have your own experience to go off of, and that is exceptionally personal. It's the definition of personal.

If that conflict between my friend and I has taught me anything it's that it's best to avoid the subject in conversation altogether because it generally only leads to disagreement. No one's going to win that argument because there's no way to win it.

Having said that, I think it's important that every person feel free to explore spirituality in a genuine way. When Madonna released the music video for Like A Prayer, it was so controversial that religious groups actually tried to ban it, to censor Madonna's artistry. But that's not even the most concerning part of that whole mess. They weren't just trying to censor or ban her music video; they were trying to silence and suppress her exploration of spirituality. And that, to me, is far more important and dangerous.

Lady Gaga is absolutely exploring religion and spirituality in Judas. I think it would be ridiculous, though, to assume she's trying to be controversial and blasphemous with this song, just as it would be stupid to assume that about Like A Prayer. Go watch Like A Prayer right now, and I dare you not to feel amazed by it even now, decades later. Gaga's got a very clear goal in mind. Is this a song that should be taken at face value and dismissed as an attack on the Christian religion, or should we actually dig a little deeper and try to confront notions of what's acceptable and what's taboo within not only pop culture but also society as a whole.

I think ultimately Judas is a song about love breaking down; whether that love is between human beings, or between a individual and the church, is probably up for interpretation. I think there's a lot more going on in this song than many people are willing to give it credit for.

For a long time, there was a Christian movement to ban Harry Potter books for their supposed depiction of witchcraft. When I was sixteen, I went to a youth service where this priest gave a sermon on the dangers of Harry Potter. Her claim was that the distinction between good and evil was not clear enough in the books, and that right there showed she had obviously never fucking read them. I remember rolling my eyes and sighing heavily the whole way through, completely flabbergasted and irritated that this woman could claim that Harry Potter was such a terrible influence on Christians while obviously never having read the books herself. Because if she had read them, she would have seen for herself just how spiritual they actually are. That series is, without a doubt, JK Rowling's attempt to make sense of death, exploring the concept of life after death and ultimately arriving at the beautiful message that love literally conquers all. And if that's not the inherent, most important message in Christianity, then I don't know what is. I's clearly why the Vatican, which previously stated that the Harry Potter book were supportive of the Occult, recanted their original stance. You just can't read Deathly Hallows and not notice the allusions to another very popular story about life, death and resurrection.

It just goes to show that it's never wise to criticize something without giving it the genuine thought and reflection it deserves. You could wind up looking like a fucking moronic, wishy-washy, uninformed and unread source on any subject, but most especially spirituality and pop culture.

Anyway, I'll be interested in seeing what Gaga does with the music video. Not so interested in witnessing the inevitable idiotic response from religious groups, though.


Apr. 17th, 2011 12:25 am
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After a week that nearly succeeded in bringing about my defeat, I had the privilege of sharing dinner Friday night with [ profile] poire_gourmande [ profile] elanor12, [ profile] cxco, [ profile] perumen, [ profile] pastlink, [ profile] mmystery, [ profile] laurymdragon, where our collective squeeing over Glee and Klaine made up for it in every possible way. Can't wait to watch an episode with you fabulous ladies! ♥

In other news, the Canadiens beat the Bruins tonight, 3-1, which brings us just that much closer to the ultimate goal! Go Habs Go!


Apr. 11th, 2011 11:34 pm
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I might lose my head before the week is over. I don't even know how I'm gonna make it to Friday at this point; there's so much to do with so little time to do it in, and I'd rather just sleep.
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I swear, there is nothing in this world that makes me laugh as hard as a kink meme. I'm not dogging on any kinks here, it's more to do with the way people word their posts. Sometimes I laugh so hard I literally can't breathe.

Of course I'll give you an example!

One time, about a year ago, I discovered a Disney kink meme. I remember gawking at my screen for a few moments before I fumbled to click that fucking link. And I'm glad I did, because I never would have read the prompt that, to this day, provides me with utter amusement.

So, the prompt. It was for Beauty and the Beast; Belle uses Lumiere (the candle stick, if you'll recall) as a dildo, and GET THIS, while the Wardrobe watches.

I LOL'd so fucking hard I probably tore something.

'Cause here's the thing, right? Would Lumiere be LIT while this was going on? 'Cause that would hurt! And how would he breathe? "When I said be our guest, zis wazzen't what I meant!!!" And is the Wardrobe doing anything while she watches, or is she just awkwardly watching?


Sometimes I troll kink memes looking for a good laugh. It's just that people will ask for the greatest, zaniest, most hysterically worded prompts imaginable!

So what hysterical prompts have you come across on kink memes?


Mar. 29th, 2011 08:18 am
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[ profile] kurt_blaine just got subject tags, so I went through my author tag and added them, and while I was doing that I noticed something. I have posted twenty-two entries of fic. That's twenty-one stories and one multi-part series, altogether culminating in a grand total of roughly 64,500 words!


I have a problem, folks. I'm blaming Glee for this! You can't hand me a completely adorable teenage gay couple and expect me not to write about them, damn it!

And with the [ profile] klainebigbang coming up (which I completely forgot about until just now, fucking hell), I should be adding another 10-20,000 words to that word count. SOMEONE STOP ME. STAGE A KLAINTERVENTION. GET ME ONE OF THOSE RED-PAINTED SIGNS FROM HIMYM AND STOP ME.

Or don't. That's fine too XD
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Canada's having an election in May!

For my non-Canadian friends out there, I thought I'd put together a little rundown of the Canadian electoral process. So, to begin, Canada (like the United Kingdom) is a Constitutional Monarch. The Queen is the official leader of Canada, but she is represented by the Governor General and Parliament; the Queen rules, but does not govern.


is made of up two parts; the Senate, which is comprised of 105 people appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, and The House of Commons, comprised of 308 people who are voted in by Canadian Citizens.


In the United States, there are three political parties; the Democratic, Republican, and Independent. In Canada, we have way more. There are basically five leading Parties that are considered the ones people care about.

The Liberal Party
The Conservative Party
The New Democratic Party
The Green Party
and also, within the province of Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois Party

These Parties are the big guys, but even within that contingency the only Parties that ever get elected to run these days are the Liberal and Conservative Parties. They have the most financial and vocal support from outside sources, and they've been around for a long time.

But there are other Parties, and here are a few that I find striking:

Communist Party of Canada
Marijuana Party
Marxist-Leninist Party

Yes, really; those are actually on the ballot.

So, the Government:

Canada is divided into geographically based electoral districts or ridings (also called constituencies). Voters in each district elect a single representative, who is authorized to represent them in their legislature.

During a general election, elections are held simultaneously in each electoral district. The outcome of those district elections, in turn, determines who will form the government. Which party forms the government upon the outcome of an election depends on how well these political parties fare across all of the electoral districts. Generally in Canada, the political party that elects the most number of representatives forms the government. Typically, the leading party forms either a majority or minority government.

Majority and minority governments? What the fuck are those?

Great question! Majority means that a political party received the majority of votes in electoral districts and therefore seats in Parliament. Minority means that the political party with the leading number of votes is elected, but because they did not receive enough votes to warrant a majority leadership they must run all decisions by the other party representatives in the House of Commons.

In the US, an election happens every four years (with midterms in between), but in Canada an election can be called at virtually any time. Up until two days ago, Canada was governed by the Conservative Party, but they were dissolved by the combined efforts of the constituents in the House of Commons. Essentially, the Conservative Party was deemed unfit for leadership by the other parties, so the other parties formed a coalition to dissolve the government and call for an election.

Stephen Harper was our Prime Minister, and he was a social conservative. To put it mildly (I'm Canadian, so I'm polite XD), I'm not a fan. So I don't mind, at this point, which Party wins in the election as long as we get rid of the conservatives. They're basically the Canadian version of the Republican Party, so I never see eye-to-eye with their political and social views and efforts. Luckily, Harper was so disliked by the other political parties that he has been booted out.

Basically, Canada doesn't have an official government or Prime Minister right now. Campaigning has started, which means that political parties can begin to get the word out about the constituents in each district, by traveling around and speaking to the people, by putting up signs and running ads on television. There will be a debate between the leaders of the main, registered parties on television in the coming weeks, where the leaders of each party have a chance to answer questions and call each other out. They're so much fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we're also treated to attack ads on television. They make me so angry I have to mute the television every time. I hate that shit! I don't need you you to skew the facts so you can cast a party in a negative light; I'm informed enough to know what I want in a political party, so all you need to do is describe your policies, and what you endeavor to do if you're elected, in a transparent, honest manner, and then I'll decide for myself if I think you're suitable. Quit it with the manipulation!

So Canada's having an election in May. The Conservative government is out, and I am so fucking relieved. The Conservative Party was both subtly and overtly anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-environment, and their financial endeavours were nonsensical and shameful. They had to go, and I'm so glad Parliament saw that as well.

Politics YAY! So exciting!

(If you have any questions, feel free to ask!)
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I just found a Klaine 30-day meme on Tumblr!

Problem is I always fail when it comes to 30-day memes, either because I miss several days (or weeks) in a row and can't catch up, or because I lose interest in and forget about them completely.

So I'm just gonna go ahead and answer the questions all at once, under the cut below.

You move me, Kurt. )
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+ Goddamnit, LJ! I'm only now noticing how many comment notifications you failed to deliver in the last few days. How many Klaine comments have I missed that I will never know about? FUCK YOU, LJ!

+ What I should be doing? Getting a head-start on the impending assignments coming up so that I can get organized for when my family moves in six weeks. I only just found out we're moving, and it'll be right as finals are starting WHICH IS ~FUCKING AMAZING~ TIMING!

What I'm actually doing? Surfing Tumblr, reading and writing fic, and drinking beer. I embody what it means to be a diligent worker!

+ Tomorrow's a friend's birthday party; we're going to the most fabulous gay club in the city, and then Sunday's the St-Patrick's Day Parade. It's gonna be a boozy weekend, that's for sure.


+ In excellent news, I found out where I'm being placed for internship next semester. Let's just say I've been offered one of the more esteemed placements. If all goes according to plan, I'll be working at a school, primarily with teenagers who struggle with self-defeating behaviours such as eating disorders and self-mutilation. From what I've been told, they choose the students most likely to represent my program in a professional, respectable manner, so that's extremely encouraging for me. I went for the job interview on Wednesday, and I met with one of the women who helps head the city-wide organization, and I totally bonded with her. She said, and I quote, "You have so much energy! I feel energized just talking to you!"

So, yeah, I'm pretty stoked :D

How are you, flist?
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You can find my fic offering right here. If you want a 2-5000-word fic from me, Glee fans, and you have the monetary means please auction for it.

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My first kiss, technically, was during a game of Truth or Dare in the fifth grade. It was supremely awkward.

My first kiss that counted--as in, my first kiss with someone that I had deep feelings for--was nothing short of perfect. We were curled up on my couch at four in the morning, and I kept tilting my head up to stare at him, desperately hoping he'd lean down and take the first plunge because I'd been in love with him for nearly a year (and crushing on him for even longer), and I was just far too high-strung from holding back for months.

I don't remember who kissed who. Maybe we both leaned in. But I do remember how positively earth-shattering that kiss was. My heart was possibly having palpitations in my chest; I couldn't stop mapping him with my hands. We didn't even go to sleep that night. We just made out for hours. And hours.

It was glorious.

So how'd your first kiss go? The one that counted.

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