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Birthdate:Jun 3
Journal contents: rants, fangirling, lyrics, fanfiction, squeeing, YouTube vids, and descriptions of my meals and snacks. My current fannish obsessions are many and varied, and they are almost always changing, but my main fandom of the moment is Glee.

+ I chew on my lips and the insides of my cheeks obsessively.
+ As far back as my memory goes, I cannot seem to get enough sleep no matter how hard I try, which results in my being perpetually tired because I cannot - except for when I'm dead on my feet - seem to shut my brain off for longer than six hours at a time.
+ I sing a lot. Pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I'm constantly tuning in from a zone-out session only to realize I've been singing absentmindedly for several minutes, and sometimes this happens in semi-public places. It's fairly embarrassing.
+ I scratch the hell out of my skin while I sleep during the night. I often wake up with claw marks all along my back and shoulders, and the only solution, really, is to trim my nails regularly, which I refuse to do because I absolutely adore having long nails. They're my weapons.
+ One of my favourite aspects of sex? How awkward it is. I love that shit!
+ At any given time, I have about fifteen semi-filled notebooks lying around my home, in drawers and boxes, on shelves, and in my rather embarrassing collection of purses and bags. These notebooks may be filled with odd observations, writing snippets, reminders, a great many lists, and the occasional ugly-ass sketch that serves to prove I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an artist.
+ I identify as queer.
+ As a child, I would kiss my stuffed animals and pillow goodnight before bed. I still do this every now and then, usually when I'm feeling a little lonely.
+ I'm a total foodie.
+ Sometimes, when no one's home, I play Britney Spears songs on my guitar and sing them at the top of my lungs.
+ I swear like a fucking sailor.
+ Someday I will own five cats and a wiener dog.
+ My life will be complete when I own Belle's library.
+ I've dyed my hair nearly every colour of the rainbow. I get bored easily, so every few months I'll get a haircut, or grow it out, or give myself bangs; anything to change things up. It is currently mid-back length and an inky black colour. I like it a lot.
+ Sometimes, just before sleep, I imagine an arm around my waist, a secure embrace.


Now it takes 2 to fellatio,
But only 1 to tango.
You know I mean business
When I pop in Luther Vandross.
I'm an equal opportunity lover:
I like the boys, the girls, the others.
Hell, apples and oranges - they're all fruits to me!
I like 'em big, I like 'em small
I like 'em tall, I like RuPaul,
I like RuPaul, I like RuPaul,
I like RuPaul, I like RuPaul!

I'm an F-A-G-E-T-T-E
A twinkle toes, witness row,
Got double X's and rows,
Got gender troubles in loads;
I need a man that can handle
What's underneath these clothes.
'Cause I got a V-to-the-A-G-I-N-A
But no P-E-N-I-S envy;
'Cause for real, though, I got a dildo,
I got 2 dildos, I got 3 dildos!

So you can pick one that's just your size;
If not we'll go buy one that fits just right!
We're all one love, two love,
Saying queer love, het love --

Fagette, Athen Boys Choir

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(DISCLAIMER: I do not own the source material or characters that I have included in my fanfiction. I do not write for monetary gain, nor do I mean harm or slander against any real individual featured in my fictional writing.)

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