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We hear a lot about them. We're intimately familiar with them. We know the double standards that men and women are held to. We know the double standards that exist for straight people and for anyone who strays from the sexual 'norm'. Double standards are ever-present and difficult to ignore.

There has been a lot of talk about last week's episode of Glee, and I just want to give my vested two cents on the subject while my mind's in the right space to do so.

Cut for spoilers for Glee's '3x05'... )
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I have a question for the Harry Potter fans on my f-list.

It's been a while since I re-read the 7th book in its entirety, and I was just wondering whether someone could clarify something for me -- something I can't recall too clearly. A friend and I were discussing Regulus Black, and what we learned about him, Kreacher, and Voldemort in Deathly Hallows.

So. We know that Regulus joined up with the Death Eaters after Hogwarts. He did agree with at least some of Voldemort's ideas about wizarding lineage and bloodlines. Kreacher tells The Trio that Voldemort needed a house-elf for a job, and so Regulus sent Kreacher with Voldemort, ordering him to come home afterward. This was, according to my memory but please feel free to correct me if I've got this wrong, the reason Kreacher survived everything Voldemort made him endure in order to set up the Horcrux in that cave. Because Regulus told Kreacher to come home, he came home. Period. We know that Regulus began hunting down the Horcruxes in an attempt to bring Voldemort down. Does that all sound correct?

Now, here's my question. Did Regulus join up with Voldemort and become a Death Eater in order to bring Voldemort down? Was that his plan all along, or did Voldemort's treatment of Kreacher make Regulus realize that he shouldn't be following Voldemort after all? Or is it all speculation; something JK left open-ended? Did Regulus tell Kreacher to come home on purpose, to figure out what Voldemort was planning, knowing Voldemort would likely dispose of Kreacher (Kreacher = dirt in V's eyes)?

My friend and I debated this subject for nearly twenty minutes, and I'd be grateful to hear your opinions and canon facts on the matter!

In case you're wondering, I believe it was Voldemort's treatment of Kreacher, and Kreacher's near-death, that drove Regulus to do what he did. But I'm happy to be proven wrong. I really can't remember whether it's dictated plainly in the text, or if it's open to interpretation. I'd like to hear your interpretation?

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