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DISCLAIMER: This is fanfiction, some of it sexually explicit. I do not write for monetary gain, nor do I mean harm or slander against any real individual featured in my fictional writing.

NOTE: I will always include warnings about violence, drug use, and anything related to self-injury and non-consensual sex. If I have not sufficiently warned for something, please do not hesitate to contact me about it. Please let me know if I've made a mistake in this area, so that I can remedy it.

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Oct. 16th, 2011 12:24 pm
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So I have a midterm tomorrow for which I should be studying, and an activity I need to plan out for the girls at the group home, but all I really want to do is continue working on the first story I've gotten real inspiration for since the summer.

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Title: Palpation
Author: [ profile] rockinhamburger
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Roughly 10,500.
Warnings: AU from mid-S1 and on.
Summary: Kurt Hummel was not meant for community college. Blaine Anderson was the undeniable silver lining.
Author's Note: My offering for the [ profile] klainebigbang. The date has arrived, so it's time to unleash this little monster!

I'd like to thank and give credit to my truly amazing beta-reader, [ profile] caroline_shea. Thank you for the editing work, darling, and for convincing me that this wasn't terrible!

I would also like to bring your attention to the artist I was paired with for this very awesome challenge, [ profile] xxxmirai. The work you created for this story is so lovely; please check it out and leave her feedback.

And if you're about to read this, thank you as well!

[ profile] xxxmirai's Master Art Post

This way! )
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I am so lucky.

I really have some amazing friends in the Glee fandom, and by god if I don't feel part of a giant family. Which is interesting, because sometimes families fight (that was some epic fighting last night over the leak of the c-sides from the Struck By Lightning script), but most of the time we're true friends to each other; we build each other up, create inside jokes and laugh ourselves hoarse. We welcome new family members and support them, too. We meet up in 'real life'. We enjoy each other's company, and we do all of this because of one specific shared interest. For us, it's Glee, but it could be anything. I've participated in the Harry Potter, Psych, Star Trek XI, and American Idol fandoms. And those are just the ones I participated in; I've lurked in about a dozen more, wishing I could jump in and join the fun but feeling out of my depths.

But please don't think I'm exaggerating at all when I say that this fandom, while also the wankiest apart from HP, has been the most amazing fandom experience of my ten years online. I'm not just saying that, I am truly excited every day to log on and see what my online family is up to. I'm excited to read your fics, bookmark and drool over your artwork, watch your fanvids, look at your icons and graphics, and to squeal excitedly over every piece of Glee news with you that we can get our hands on. I love that we snark about the show's epic fails and then write satirical, thoughtful comments and essays, and I love that we can just collectively love these adorable boys who love each other and are not real but inspire us all the same.

And I just woke up, so I apologize if none of this makes sense. I'm also really shakily emotional as well, because I've been getting comments to the Synchronization companion fic I posted at k_b yesterday. And these are not just any comments, but truly heartwarming ones that make me feel like a capable writer. You'll know, if you're a writer yourself, how important validation can be. I think we like to pretend that we don't post our fics and then nervously check our inboxes when we have a chance, sitting in front of our computers with our breath held tight as the 'Reply to your entry...' email loads, and then squealing over every one. I think we like to pretend we don't require validation, but the truth is we do. Or maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm the only one who feels self-conscious about my writing and proceeds to feel held up when people actually enjoy it.

It's funny. I was fifteen when I first started posting my fanfiction in the Harry Potter fandom. My fics were hosted at FF.Net, and I wrote Harry/Draco fanfiction for the most part and some gen pieces that were a little odd. But I had a small, generous group of people who read my fics and commented regularly, and to this day there are still people who favourite my stories. Which is beyond me, as they're pretty terrible. I still have access to those fics (but you don't, ha!), so I occasionally go back and peruse them to laugh hysterically at my horrible writing. I'm being an asshole to myself when I say that, though, because I genuinely felt then like I do now about it. I smiled over every comment I got, I boggled when someone said that my story was one of their favourites. I was shocked, but mostly it made me want to write more.

When I was in the Psych fandom (for the very funny television show; check it out), I wrote an eighteen-thousand word mystery-slash-love-story. I worked on it for about four-five months (nowadays it only takes a few weeks to write that much :D), agonizing all the while over small details and trying to craft this story I cared about immensely. And when I was nearing the end of the writing process, I told a real-life friend of mine about it, and I'll never forget what she said to me. She said, "Is this a big fandom you're writing for?" I told her no, that it was pretty small in terms of, like, Harry Potter or bandom. And then she said, "Well, how many people are going to read this story you're writing? How many people are actually going to read this story you've put so much time into?" I told her that it didn't really matter because I just had to get the story out of me. I told her I didn't care who read it because the point was that this story had grabbed me and made me write it. I told myself that I didn't need validation because that's not what writing is about.

But then I finished editing it and posted it online. And then I checked my inbox for comments, and in the end I got about... ten, I think? And this was a small fandom, but not that small.

And I won't lie, it was a really shitty feeling. My friend's words came back to me. "How many people are going to read this story you're writing?" In other words, "How many people even give a shit?" And I realized that I do need and want validation, and that's not a failing. Hell, writing is about sharing it with other people. It's about getting inside a person's head and making them think. It's about agonizing over a scene with trembling hands, trying to translate the images in your head to the paper or computer in front of you. It's about getting your reader to stop, just for a second, and question. And that means you're not just writing for yourself. You're writing for other people all the time, and validation is part of that. You want people to feel all that, to think about it, and then like that experience. You're giving your work up for a new interpretation, and that is terrifying. So of course we wait for the reaction with bated breath. This is our soul we're sharing (even with the silliest of pieces). We want our time and effort and work to be validated.

The reason I'm saying all this is that I've been writing... pretty much since I was able. One of the first stories I wrote was a murder mystery about a serial killer. I was 7. How weird and fucked-up is that? Anyway, I've been writing for a long time. And at first I didn't care what people thought of my writing, because I was a kid and I was just writing for myself and for the purposes of getting the (weird, fucked-up) story down. Then school started, and I loved writing so I did it all the time, even when I was supposed to be doing something else.

I can't tell you how and when the insecurity started up. I have no idea when I started doubting my abilities, but all of a sudden everything I wrote was crap. It sounded stupid and young and trite and boring, and why was I doing something I sucked so much at?

Honest to Grilled Cheesus, I cried this morning when I opened my inbox and saw the comments I'd gotten I'm trying not to sob right now, because I've received some seriously amazing comments on my latest story, and I'm just realizing again how much this fandom and all of you who read my fics whenever I post them and speak kindly of the words I string together, how much you all mean to me. Those of you who build me up have not only helped me improve my writing, but have in small increments made me feel less incapable. But more than that, you've helped me to see that I'm not writing crap, that my words are something people actually want to read; or even that my stories are anticipated. And that is just so valuable. I do need validation, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But I'm starting to feel like I deserve those nice comments. I'm starting to feel like I deserve you as my friends, and that is just something I am so fucking grateful for.

So, thank you. Truly. I never know who reads this journal, but if you're one of the people I'm talking about, who encourage and support me, thank you. My feelings for you are not fake just because we haven't met in 'real life'. You are true friends. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being my friend, for reading my words, and for making me feel like they're important.

I can't tell you how invaluable you are to me.

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Hey all! You must, must, MUST read [ profile] caroline_shea's A Born Performer, if you haven't already. Seriously, seriously hot fic. NC-17.

Also, if you can handle dark subject matter (bond-servants, non-con, all that FUN STUFF), you should also read [ profile] mothergoddamn's You Belong To Me. Scary, unsettling, and really excellent story. WIP, so tread carefully if that makes you wary. NC-17.

[ profile] rainjoyswriting's Like Stars where Kurt and Blaine enjoy Seven Minutes in Heaven at Mercedes' Infamous Glitter Party. So, SO good. Rainjoy's quickly become one of my faves in the fandom, and the small review count for each story baffles me. NC-17.

Noticing a trend, right? You'd think porny fics was all I ever read. It's not, by the way. But, uh, pretty close.

And finally, if you aren't reading [ profile] fabfemmeboy's Immutability And Other Sins 50s AU 'verse, then you are missing something essential in your life. It's about Kurt and Blaine in a word where homosexuality is still considered a mental illness, and the painful journey they must take (both separately and together) to find happiness in that sinister world. Fab's writing in this fic is literally stunning, and every update leaves me salivating, aching for more. This is also a WIP, and NC-17, and very, very addictive. Just a warning.

Just a few of the fics that have been on my mind lately; just spreading the love. Glorious, STI-free love.



Mar. 29th, 2011 08:18 am
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[ profile] kurt_blaine just got subject tags, so I went through my author tag and added them, and while I was doing that I noticed something. I have posted twenty-two entries of fic. That's twenty-one stories and one multi-part series, altogether culminating in a grand total of roughly 64,500 words!


I have a problem, folks. I'm blaming Glee for this! You can't hand me a completely adorable teenage gay couple and expect me not to write about them, damn it!

And with the [ profile] klainebigbang coming up (which I completely forgot about until just now, fucking hell), I should be adding another 10-20,000 words to that word count. SOMEONE STOP ME. STAGE A KLAINTERVENTION. GET ME ONE OF THOSE RED-PAINTED SIGNS FROM HIMYM AND STOP ME.

Or don't. That's fine too XD


Feb. 23rd, 2011 08:22 am
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I'm not posting this anywhere, I'm just leaving it here.

Kurt/Blaine pre-slash, G-rated. A coda to last night's episode.

... )
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Say what you want about Glee (I've probably said it myself in the past), but the lj communities that celebrate the show are wonderful places to be. Very, very friendly people hang out there that warm my heart daily!

So, why am I watching Glee when I could hardly stand it six months ago? It's quite simple.

Darren Criss playing a gay boy and almost definitely playing Kurt's boyfriend in the hopefully near future. They sing each other sweet songs and rehearse a Christmas duet together and bond over RENT and Patty Lupone and are generally filled with so much adorable it's ridiculous. And I CANNOT GET ENOUGH.

I've been hanging around the [ profile] kurt_blaine community for a few weeks now, reading piles of awesome Kurt/Blaine fic, and I've even written a few Glee fics myself. I'm having a blast.

You can find my Glee fic right here!

Glee fans are awesome and crazy and so much fun, however fail-y this show can be a regular basis! We make up for the fail. We rewrite the fail and make up our own stories and celebrate boylove every day.



Jul. 14th, 2010 10:35 am
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I'm getting a little nervous about the amazing quality of the Big Bangs so far. Also, there are lots of school-based ones; hopefully no one's tired of them yet, 'cause mine's coming out the 20th. It's a high school AU, and it's rather long, so...

I wish it was coming out now.

Why'm I so nervous!?

Okay, I'm gonna read more Kradam Big Bangs before I have to go to work! Take my mind off things.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:17 pm
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Rummaging for Answers in the Pages
United States of Tara
Spoilers for the whole series...

Even though Marshall's younger, he was usually the one comforting or helping Kate. )
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This'll be fun! :D It does mean I'll have to do a helluva lot of writing, which is never a bad thing.

butterfly kisses
cuddling while sick
love at first sight
candlelight dinner
bedtime rituals
Christmas – baking cookies
feeding – erotic
sleepy times
New Year's Eve
meeting the parents
cuddling – hypothermia
Thanksgiving – kitchen disaster
fire in the fireplace
gift giving
bubble bath
drunken confession of love
love song
caught in the rain

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sexual extortion: to protect someone else
child abuse (physical)
fever / delirium
brainwashing / deprogramming
plane crash
driven to insanity
social phobia
fear of heights
spinal injury
loss of vision
rent boys / girls
slaves (regular)
ostracised from society

These are gonna be mighty interesting! Hope I can rise to the challenge!

I'll be posting my responses to this challenge on my Dreamwidth journal ( and in the DW community that's hosting this challenge. I will of course x-post to this journal when I do eventually put out my responses.
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Adam Lambert's not a dummy. That means he'd use a fucking condom if he's going to be fucking a dude whose sexual history he does not know. So, when you have Adam not using a condom, it throws me so far out of your fic that I actually have to stop reading. I just don't buy it! I can accept that, in the context of a committed, longterm relationship, he might feel comfortable enough to nix protection, but otherwise? Just write it. It's not that hard.

In general, I think it's important to include protection in fanfiction. Yes, I know it's fiction, but the sex in your fics should still be written with at least some semblance of realism. And the reality is that all people, gay men included, should use condoms or some other form of protection against STIs when having sex. Why not promote that concept by having your characters do so? Again, I can understand leaving it out in the context of a committed, longterm relationship, which should be established within the parameters of your story, but if that committed, longterm relationship aint there? Have him put a condom on.

Or, at the very least, warn for barebacking. Plzkthx.

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