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Title: Palpation
Author: [ profile] rockinhamburger
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Roughly 10,500.
Warnings: AU from mid-S1 and on.
Summary: Kurt Hummel was not meant for community college. Blaine Anderson was the undeniable silver lining.
Author's Note: My offering for the [ profile] klainebigbang. The date has arrived, so it's time to unleash this little monster!

I'd like to thank and give credit to my truly amazing beta-reader, [ profile] caroline_shea. Thank you for the editing work, darling, and for convincing me that this wasn't terrible!

I would also like to bring your attention to the artist I was paired with for this very awesome challenge, [ profile] xxxmirai. The work you created for this story is so lovely; please check it out and leave her feedback.

And if you're about to read this, thank you as well!

[ profile] xxxmirai's Master Art Post

This way! )
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Title: Beside You
Author: [ profile] rockinhamburger
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 23,000.
Type: High school AU. Romance and humour.
Summary: Adam's just a few short months away from graduating when he gets paired up with Kris for a science project. Adam's the star quarterback of the football team, Kris is a quiet, shy musician in the school orchestra. They really don't know each other very well, but their assignment allows for them to remedy that. Adam's at a crucial juncture in his life; he's struggling and coming to terms with his sexuality, his plans after high school, and his developing romantic feelings for Kris. Basically, high school sucks!
Disclaimer: I definitely do not own these people; they own themselves. Every word of this is most untrue.
Warnings: Underage sex.
Notes: Ohhhhmygod! After months and months of freaks outs, lots of rewriting, and occasional hatred of this story, I can finally post it and see what y’all think. I’m happy with it; hopefully you will be too. I must say thank you to the wonderful [ profile] fobobsessed54, my awesomesauce beta who held my hand throughout the writing of this. Thanks a million, bb! A big thanks, as well, to the lovely [ profile] sparkysparky, who created the fantastic art that you can find through the link below. Apart from being incredibly gorgeous and happy-inducing, this also happens to be the only piece of art anyone has based off of my writing, and I am so happy with it! Thank you, hon! Such amazing work!

And finally, thank YOU, in advance, for reading this monster! Really hope you enjoy it.

The title of this fic and sample lyric below are taken from the song Beside You by Marianas Trench.


When your tears are spent on your last pretense
And your tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in your defense
When it's in your spine like you've walked for miles
And the only thing you want is just to be still for a while...


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Cover Art by [ profile] sparkysparky

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