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United States of Tara has been cancelled.

US of T is an amazing show with excellent writing, compelling characters, and a moving, intriguing story line. Diablo Cody was the mastermind behind this show, and the characters she created were dynamic; strong, intelligent women with ambition, passion and investment for something besides a man.

It's an absolute travesty that this show is ending now. It was just getting really good. We discovered some major stuff this season; information on why Tara has Dissociative Identity Disorder. We were going somewhere really interesting with Moosh, too, and with Kate and Max and Charmaine and Nate. I was fucking miserable when I heard this news last night, and I don't feel any better about it with a night's sleep.

This show was so fucking good! And while crappy-ass television shows like Jersey Shore, Two and A Half Men, and the ridiculous number of CSI and Law & Order versions continue to be picked up despite terrible writing and plainly awful concepts, a unique show has been axed. I know television is all about ratings and money, and shows like Jersey Shore and CSI garner those things (for reasons that utterly escape me, but whatever). But it's just such a fucking shame that truly amazing television shows like Firefly, Dollhouse, My So-Called Life, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, and now United States of Tara will never get the continuations they so veritably deserve.

ugh ugh ugh

Jul. 8th, 2010 09:51 am
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This week has been really weighing on me.

It is so fucking humid I actually believe I could pass out from the dryness in the air. Which would be good because then I wouldn't be aware of the fucking terrible humidity. The humidity wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't worked in that heat yesterday, and if I didn't have to work in it today, but I did and I do. I have to trek from house to house delivering papers for most of the day, and it fucking sucks.

I haven't come close to uploading all my music to the laptop, which means I only have Adam's For Your Entertainment, Gaga's The Fame Monster, three songs from Mika's The Boy Who Knew Too Much and three Roxy Music songs in my iTunes library. I gotta work for about six hours today, and while I love this particular music quite a lot, it's a bit much to expect my brain to accept constant replay of the 25 songs I've got on my iPod right now.

On top of that, I have this back pain that awoke over the weekend, hasn't left, and has gotten worse since working all day yesterday. I also have blisters on my feet, but I can't wear anything but flip-flops because it's too damn hot!

Oh yeah, and I started my period last night. So I also have cramps.

Ohhhh I don't wanna work today. I'd so much rather stay home and continue re-reading Goblet of Fire. I'd almost forgotten how addictive this book is.

On a positive note, Jason Mraz should marry me obviously has some brilliant things to say about supporting the freedom to marry. Check it out here, if you wish.

More positivity! You heard of Brad Walsh? Give his remix of Gaga's 'Monster' a listen. And then listen to his other music, both his remixes and originals. He's remixed FYE and WWFM, so you may have heard of him if you're a Glambert. He's pretty rad.

Hope you're cooler than I am, flist! ♥

ALSO: Four days 'til the [ profile] kradambigbang starts!!! WOO!!!!!

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