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and FUCK i'm just dead from the awesome.

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Lady Gaga's a polarizing performer. People either love her or hate her, and then there are the people who are fairly indifferent, but for the most part she creates very strong feelings in a general audience. I find it fascinating, and a little disheartening.

I was all ready to despise Gaga. I heard Pokerface one day in a restaurant and literally went, "Who the hell is this?" I judged her then and there because, hey, it was pop music, and if there's anything I'm quick and happy to judge, it's pop music.

But then someone showed me a clip of Gaga performing a stripped-down version where it was just her and her piano, and I was left saying, "Well, she's got pipes, but you wouldn't know it from the music she's got playing on the radio right now."

Within a few months, I began to slowly warm up to her. I heard Paparazzi and fell in grudging love with it, and then I saw her a stripped-down performance of the song and loved it even more. Before long, I had to admit to myself that I was starting to become a fan.

Her Bad Romance video was the tipping point. At the end of that, I just sat there going, "Is this really it? Is someone actually doing this? Tiptoeing on to the music scene with the tried and true pop star mold only to turn around and put out songs and music videos of actual substance with valuable ideas and messages, instead of the tired love-and-sex model for hit songs?"

And it's pretty clear by now that's exactly what she did. She studied the industry to find out exactly how to be successful so that she could then put out the messages she's actually interested in sharing with the world.

A message of acceptance and inclusion; a message about the birth of a new generation of people who refuse to persecute others based on how we differ, but rather to celebrate those differences and come together as a supportive, loving community of diversity.

Whatever you think about Gaga, you cannot deny that that is a fucking beautiful message. And in a time and place where a lot of pop music is about superficiality, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who is genuinely authentic about humanitarian issues.

You don't have to like her music, but the fact that I like it is not a fucking crime. I am allowed to love Lady Gaga, and her music, and her performances, just as you are allowed to dislike them. Just say that, though: "I don't like Lady Gaga's music." Don't say, "Her music is shit. She's stupid and unoriginal and gimmicky." The message you're sending there is that I like shitty music, that I am foolish for liking someone who is, apparently, stupid, unoriginal and gimmicky in how she presents her music. And that's just rude. Dislike her performance style and music, but leave the cattiness at home, okay?

Music is personal. There are people out there who love the music you hate, and they're allowed to. There are people out there who hate the music you love, and they're allowed to as well.

But music is wonderful because it can unite people. It can lift us up and give us courage and conviction. It can be a refuge, our very best friend when we feel like we can't go on. And because music is all that and more, I think it's worth at least trying to be respectful of others' tastes, no matter how they differ from our own.

Essentially, we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of the music we love.

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+ I have successfully stayed away from Glee spoilers for a whole week! I haven’t even watched the promo clip from tomorrow’s episode, and there’s Kurt twirling what looks like celery in the gifs I’ve inevitably run across. So, that’s a pretty bit feat for me! But it’s just that I want this episode (which has already been massively spoiled for me after the Nicole Crowther incident) to be as fresh as possible in reward for a fucking long, difficult, exhausting semester.

+ [ profile] caroline_shea, the mastermind behind Gaily We Promenade, read over what I’ve written for my bigbang and said things that made me not hate my writing with a fiery passion. This is good news, as it means I can stop feeling insecure for a while and write productively because someone believes I’m good at this writing thing. I don’t always have confidence in that, and it’s nice to be appreciated.


xoxo, Caroline!!!

+ I’ve had this discussion with a friend of mine about how Darren Criss is literally the perfect man, and how it’s necessary to believe there must be something wrong with him or life just isn’t fair because seriously what are the chances there’s another Darren out there for us to love (and to love us) in real time?

Which is why I’ve convinced myself Darren must have at least one major shortcoming. What that shortcoming is I have yet to discover, BUT IT HAS TO EXIST.

Because anything else is patently unfair.


+ Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory is fuckin’ stellar. The saxophone solo (and the little saxophone ending) makes my ears orgasm. Hnnnnnng.

I cannot wait for her fucking album to drop, fuck.
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For her Rolling Stone interview, Katy Perry had some more to say about Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' video, and she runs her mouth off about some other stuff, too. Here are some of my favourite bits:

Also: some of my rambly responses to them... )
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How do I begin to describe Lady Gaga's Monster Ball, which I had the fortune of experiencing last night? No doubt this recap will be chock-full of cliches and hyberole, so let's get this thing rolling.

I don't even know where to start. )
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I want to love this show. I want it to be one of my favourite shows on television because it's colourful, interesting, unique, and ultimately celebrates diversity. I'm behind all of that, and sometimes Glee is very enjoyable. 'Dream On', the episode Joss Whedon directed, was entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, and I really enjoyed the cinematography in it. Very clever, cool stuff.

My problem is that more than half the time I really don't like Glee. I find the characters semi-interesting, but mostly I find them to be massive stereotypes, mega high school cliches, and not always very three-dimensional. I also think there's been massive fail when it comes to covering certain social issues within the episodes, and that often gets in the way of my potential love for the show.

I do watch the occasional episode, though, despite how squeakily clean most issues are resolved (that are not related to the main plot points). It pains me when everything conveniently works out in their favour so that they learn a brilliant lesson about life in almost every single episode. And I know that's not something exclusive to Glee, but I find it very difficult to take the show seriously sometimes.

However, last night's episode, as I'm sure Gaga and Glee fans alike already know, was GleeGoesGaga.

My thoughts... )
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FIRST! AND! FOREMOST! *clears throat importantly*



*knocks on wood*


So, Neil Lambert, brother of Adam, actually went to Burning Man with Adam and Brad a few years back. There is pictoral evidence of this adventure. Why does this excite me? Because I knew it before Neil said it. Last week sometime I was looking up Bradam pics (as I ~occasionally do), and there was Neil -- not dressed in very much. And I really like Neil, so my heart did a little leap in my chest.

Well, according to his Twitter, it really was him, and I actually AM that ridiculously observant, and apparently know fairly well what Neil looks like on sight. 'Cause I'm a creep like that...

On Twitter, Neil set up a PayPal yesterday so people could donate money for him to purchase a piano, which he is reportedly naming Delilah. He's a decent piano player, and he's promised ridiculous get-ups and Adam coversongs if it happens. Adam tweeted to Neil that he totally would''ve bought him the piano if he'd asked for it. So Neil will probably donate the money to a charity and then Adam'll just buy it for him. Pretty sure Adam can afford it.

Dude. I spend WAY too much time caring about the Lambert family. I know you don't care about Adam Lambert's brother's happenings, but I really do so I'm lj-ing about it. Seriously, if my credit card wasn't maxed out, I'd totally donate some money to him. And not just to see my Twitter name in one of his tweets.




[ profile] itsmadeofgold wrote Sing Without a Song, a 40,000-word epic love story AU where Adam's a famous rock star who walks into the gay bar Kris frequents in Arkansas one night. THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY, which you must read at your earliest convenience if you are an AI fan, especially if you're into Kradam. Awesome characterizations, brilliant narrative, and scary-excellent dialogue. Read iiiiit!


To celebrate the awesomeness of today, I will attempt to write some fic tonight.
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I &hearts LADY GAGA!!!!!

I purchased The Fame Monster yesterday. I have, of course, fallen even more in love with this fantastic woman! GOD I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

So, her album.

Is, DUH, amazing!!!!!!!!!

A review of the songs and collective feel. )
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Working on a secret fic. Can't say too much since it's a secret, but YAY!!! for the first fic I've written in about a month and a half!

It is my best friend's 22nd birthday today. I cannot tell you how old that makes me feel. We met when we were five years old. It's a special thing to still be best friends after seventeen long, wonderful years. <3333

I am completely fucking OBSESSED with Lady Gaga. I love her. Want her bad ro~mance!

What's new, flist? I've been crazy busy this week; talk to me! :D

Oh, and here, have a link to this SWEET blog I've been following, The Fat Nutritionist:

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