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You curl up in bed with your laptop at 6 in the evening and wake up twelve hours later.

Today's a stay-at-home-to-write-reports day. I have three reports to write: an observational one, a written analysis of an activity I animated yesterday, and a client profile to finish writing.

It is clear my two weeks of relative quiet are over. See you all in December!!

Just kidding, but yeah, I'll be really busy until December 7th. But then I have about four to five weeks off. So excited!

And now I'm off to respond to comments (but an enormous THANK YOU is in order right now) on my latest silly Kurt/Blaine story. If it qualifies as a story... XD

Seriously, thank you, friends! ♥

O. M. G!

Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:00 pm
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So it's my birthday today, which means I've been receiving all these very sweet messages on Facebook (and Tumblr, too, which--just--*keyboardsmashofdelight*).

I just received a Wall Post from my half-sister, Angie, my father's daughter from a relationship he had prior to meeting my mum. That in and of itself probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is to me. It really, truly is because I haven't seen her since I was 7; she was 13. She and my half-brother, Chris, stayed with us for two weeks, and it was excruciating because Angie and I did not get along at all. She liked my younger sister just fine, but I think there were some jealous, bitter feelings from her toward me due to our shared father and the discrepancy in his relationship to each of us (which I really can't blame her for). I genuinely believed at the time that she hated me, and I spent years after that feeling guilty because my dad chose to live with us. I couldn't even imagine how that must have made her (and Chris) feel, and we didn't speak for years.

We found her on Facebook a couple years ago (she has a son now!), but we still don't really talk much even now. However, she just wrote, "Happy Birthday, sis!" on my FB wall.

Endless tears. Honest to god, I'm so fucking touched I can't even type without my hands trembling from emotion. The whole situation was not ideal, and she certainly had reason to resent me, but it turns out she still considers me family. She considers me her sister.

And she's mine.

It goes deep, and I can't begin to express what a wonderful birthday gift this is to me.

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My thoughts on Glee's Prom Queen.

Spoilers, obvs! )
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My first kiss, technically, was during a game of Truth or Dare in the fifth grade. It was supremely awkward.

My first kiss that counted--as in, my first kiss with someone that I had deep feelings for--was nothing short of perfect. We were curled up on my couch at four in the morning, and I kept tilting my head up to stare at him, desperately hoping he'd lean down and take the first plunge because I'd been in love with him for nearly a year (and crushing on him for even longer), and I was just far too high-strung from holding back for months.

I don't remember who kissed who. Maybe we both leaned in. But I do remember how positively earth-shattering that kiss was. My heart was possibly having palpitations in my chest; I couldn't stop mapping him with my hands. We didn't even go to sleep that night. We just made out for hours. And hours.

It was glorious.

So how'd your first kiss go? The one that counted.
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I have so much reading to do for my classes, and I just thought I should explain why I've been so MIA lately, in case you were wondering. If you're on Twitter (@rockinhamburger), I update that a lot more often than I ever update my journal. Feel free to add me.

I wrote something! A few somethings, actually, which I haven't had the time to do much about. What with the reading. However, they are coming eventually. There's a collection of deleted/extra scenes from Beside You, my bigbang, and I've finally written something in Neil's POV.

I'll try and get that to you ASAP!

I haven't been able to read my flist at all lately, so please do give me a snapshot of what's happening in your life, if you feel inclined...

Thank you, lovelies ♥

AND: WHAT a thrill to be able to use my 'school' tag again. *happysigh*
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he played here in Montreal earlier this evening. it was incredible, and i would like to ramble at length about it:

there's this hot-air balloon festival... )
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How do I begin to describe Lady Gaga's Monster Ball, which I had the fortune of experiencing last night? No doubt this recap will be chock-full of cliches and hyberole, so let's get this thing rolling.

I don't even know where to start. )
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Oh fuck, I've been so bad about posting lately. Although, tbh, I'm not sure that's a problem considering I don't really have anything interesting to say most of the time! But yeah, I do want to type up where my brain's these days. SO!

+I am so FUCKING stoked for April 12th to arrive. That's when the Adam Little Black Dress fics will start being posted, and some (read: most) of my favourite AI authors are participating! I cannot wait to read the awesome fic that is sure to come out of this.

+I am also FUCKING stoked about Adam being on American Idol next week, not just to perform but to mentor the current AI folks. I haven't been watching this season - mostly because I pretty never watch the show in general - but I have heard that it's been kinda less-than-stellar. There's been, from what I can tell, some controversy over this decision because Adam is just emerging as a performer and there have been other people from Idol (people who actually won it) who could provide some great advice as well. Here's how I see it, though:

1) It'll boost the ratings. Adam'll totally bring back anyone who's been bored this season and stopped watching, and he has new fans who will probably tune in solely to see him do his thing. 2) It'll help boost his album sales and promote his summer tour. 3) Whether you loved him or hated him, Adam was amazingly versatile last season, and his guidance with the current group could actually be really vital. He really knew how to choose the right song, own it, and make that stage his bitch. He just went through the process, so it's still fresh in his mind, and he has the added bonus of becoming really big really fast which will give the contestants an idea of what they should expect if they make it to the end. PLUS: ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT IS GONNA BE ON AMERICAN IDOL AGAIN. FUCK YEAH!!!

I'm also excited to see what he's gonna do with Whataya Want From Me. I have a feeling he's gonna completely change it up, maybe rearrange the melody just to show how it can be done. We'll see!!!

+I'm 6000 words into my Glambert & Kradam bigbang fic. It's slow-going right now, due to my raging perfectionism which causes me to write a scene, hate it, and promptly delete it, leaving me with no idea how to proceed. I do know where I'm going with it generally, but getting there is the hard part of course.

I will also be finishing Soaked over at the kinkmeme very soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend. I know what I need to write; I just need to sit down and fucking write it.

+I've really gotten into The United States of Tara. Anyone on my flist watching? So, so good! Diablo Cody is a genius.

What's new in your world, bbs?

+OH YEAH, I got into the program and school of my choice for the fall. Now I gotta pay my tuition by the 13th, which is the hard part!

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