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We hear a lot about them. We're intimately familiar with them. We know the double standards that men and women are held to. We know the double standards that exist for straight people and for anyone who strays from the sexual 'norm'. Double standards are ever-present and difficult to ignore.

There has been a lot of talk about last week's episode of Glee, and I just want to give my vested two cents on the subject while my mind's in the right space to do so.

Cut for spoilers for Glee's '3x05'... )

O. M. G!

Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:00 pm
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So it's my birthday today, which means I've been receiving all these very sweet messages on Facebook (and Tumblr, too, which--just--*keyboardsmashofdelight*).

I just received a Wall Post from my half-sister, Angie, my father's daughter from a relationship he had prior to meeting my mum. That in and of itself probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is to me. It really, truly is because I haven't seen her since I was 7; she was 13. She and my half-brother, Chris, stayed with us for two weeks, and it was excruciating because Angie and I did not get along at all. She liked my younger sister just fine, but I think there were some jealous, bitter feelings from her toward me due to our shared father and the discrepancy in his relationship to each of us (which I really can't blame her for). I genuinely believed at the time that she hated me, and I spent years after that feeling guilty because my dad chose to live with us. I couldn't even imagine how that must have made her (and Chris) feel, and we didn't speak for years.

We found her on Facebook a couple years ago (she has a son now!), but we still don't really talk much even now. However, she just wrote, "Happy Birthday, sis!" on my FB wall.

Endless tears. Honest to god, I'm so fucking touched I can't even type without my hands trembling from emotion. The whole situation was not ideal, and she certainly had reason to resent me, but it turns out she still considers me family. She considers me her sister.

And she's mine.

It goes deep, and I can't begin to express what a wonderful birthday gift this is to me.

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and FUCK i'm just dead from the awesome.

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Lady Gaga's a polarizing performer. People either love her or hate her, and then there are the people who are fairly indifferent, but for the most part she creates very strong feelings in a general audience. I find it fascinating, and a little disheartening.

I was all ready to despise Gaga. I heard Pokerface one day in a restaurant and literally went, "Who the hell is this?" I judged her then and there because, hey, it was pop music, and if there's anything I'm quick and happy to judge, it's pop music.

But then someone showed me a clip of Gaga performing a stripped-down version where it was just her and her piano, and I was left saying, "Well, she's got pipes, but you wouldn't know it from the music she's got playing on the radio right now."

Within a few months, I began to slowly warm up to her. I heard Paparazzi and fell in grudging love with it, and then I saw her a stripped-down performance of the song and loved it even more. Before long, I had to admit to myself that I was starting to become a fan.

Her Bad Romance video was the tipping point. At the end of that, I just sat there going, "Is this really it? Is someone actually doing this? Tiptoeing on to the music scene with the tried and true pop star mold only to turn around and put out songs and music videos of actual substance with valuable ideas and messages, instead of the tired love-and-sex model for hit songs?"

And it's pretty clear by now that's exactly what she did. She studied the industry to find out exactly how to be successful so that she could then put out the messages she's actually interested in sharing with the world.

A message of acceptance and inclusion; a message about the birth of a new generation of people who refuse to persecute others based on how we differ, but rather to celebrate those differences and come together as a supportive, loving community of diversity.

Whatever you think about Gaga, you cannot deny that that is a fucking beautiful message. And in a time and place where a lot of pop music is about superficiality, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who is genuinely authentic about humanitarian issues.

You don't have to like her music, but the fact that I like it is not a fucking crime. I am allowed to love Lady Gaga, and her music, and her performances, just as you are allowed to dislike them. Just say that, though: "I don't like Lady Gaga's music." Don't say, "Her music is shit. She's stupid and unoriginal and gimmicky." The message you're sending there is that I like shitty music, that I am foolish for liking someone who is, apparently, stupid, unoriginal and gimmicky in how she presents her music. And that's just rude. Dislike her performance style and music, but leave the cattiness at home, okay?

Music is personal. There are people out there who love the music you hate, and they're allowed to. There are people out there who hate the music you love, and they're allowed to as well.

But music is wonderful because it can unite people. It can lift us up and give us courage and conviction. It can be a refuge, our very best friend when we feel like we can't go on. And because music is all that and more, I think it's worth at least trying to be respectful of others' tastes, no matter how they differ from our own.

Essentially, we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of the music we love.

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My first kiss, technically, was during a game of Truth or Dare in the fifth grade. It was supremely awkward.

My first kiss that counted--as in, my first kiss with someone that I had deep feelings for--was nothing short of perfect. We were curled up on my couch at four in the morning, and I kept tilting my head up to stare at him, desperately hoping he'd lean down and take the first plunge because I'd been in love with him for nearly a year (and crushing on him for even longer), and I was just far too high-strung from holding back for months.

I don't remember who kissed who. Maybe we both leaned in. But I do remember how positively earth-shattering that kiss was. My heart was possibly having palpitations in my chest; I couldn't stop mapping him with my hands. We didn't even go to sleep that night. We just made out for hours. And hours.

It was glorious.

So how'd your first kiss go? The one that counted.
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There's a girl, thought she knew
What her life was going to do
Then she goes and falls in love and throws it all away

But her man can't decide
If he's made the right choice in life
So she comes home only to find he's gone away

Put your heart back in your pocket
Pick your love up off the floor
Well, your mama says to stop it
But, girl, let me tell you more
If he's 95 or 22
Boy's gonna do what he's gonna do
He says he don't love you anymore
So, pick up off the floor

Walks around an empty town
Sees his face coming around
Every corner takes on a similar stay

Love is lost, love can burn
But your luck will return
But if you're driving it down you won't know it's there

Put your heart back in your pocket
Pick your love up off the floor
Well, your mama says to stop it
But, girl, let me tell you more
If he's 95 or 22
Boy's gonna do what he's gonna do
He says he don't love you anymore
So, pick up off the floor

~ Pick Up Off The Floor

I'm sitting across from you
And dreaming of the things I'd do
I don't speak; you don't know me at all

For fear of what you might do
I say nothing, but stare at you
And I'm dreaming, I'm tripping over you

Truth be told, my problem's old
You mean the world to me, but you'll never know
You could be cruel to me
While risking the way

That I see you
That I see you
That I see you
That I see you

Conversation's not me at all
I'm hesitating only to fall
And I'm waiting, I'm hating everyone

Could it be you fell for more?
In any possible similiarity
If it's so, how would I know?
You'll never know me at all

But I see you
But I see you
But I see you
But I see you

I'm standing across from you
I've dreamt alone, now dreams won't do

But I see you...

~ I See You

--- MIKA ♥

The greatest thing about Mika is that he understands people. He's perceptive and intuitive and clever and talented, and his songs reflect that beautifully. He gets it. He understands human emotion perfectly, and the way people work, and he can encompass all that in a 4-5 minute song and give it such poignancy and impact. It's incredible, and these songs are just two examples of that.

He is so dead-on it's actually scary.

What really drew me to Mika in the first place was the way in which he creates. His lyrics are ridiculously good, but that's not even factoring in the way he puts them to music. It's staggering, actually; I love the way he can create a song with words and intent that are agonizing and bittersweet, quite serious, and then pair them up with an upbeat, floaty melody. It just drives the point home so much better than if he were to simply match the lyrics up to a ballad. And then, when he does create a ballad? Chills all down my back.

He's just -- he's so fucking talented! I feel absolutely blessed by his music, and, hell, we've only received two albums from him. Here's hoping for many more!

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he played here in Montreal earlier this evening. it was incredible, and i would like to ramble at length about it:

there's this hot-air balloon festival... )
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Lots of exciting things happening this week, the two notable ones being:

~The Pride Parade here in Montreal -- on Sunday afternoon! FUN!


~I am seeing Adam Fucking Lambert on Saturday night!!

Adaaaaam ♥ ♥ ♥



Oh, and if you haven't yet, you really need to watch GoCheeksGo's latest video 'Don't Be a Dick' ( on supporting marriage equality (patricularly if you're gay). Really awesome work, as usual!
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Here is a celebratory post with all sorts of queerhappy stuff!

The Prop 8 Musical:

Every time a gay or lesbian
Finds love at the parade,
There's money to be made!
Each time two grooms say,
"Paint the wedding hall,
And lavender's the shade."
There's money to be made.
Think of all the carriages
And four white horses;
There's millions lost
From all of your disapproving,
Think of all the lawyers for the gay divorces,
Think of the tattoo removing

I can see.
America’s calling me.
Yes, gay marriages will save the economy!

20 classic works of gay literature...

I love Dan Savage. Here he is being BADASS and calmly refuting every point this bigot's trying to make.

And here's a fun picture to round this post off:


Anything to add, lovelies? Share your queer media! ♥

ETA: The wonderful [ profile] jazzonia just linked me to the full text version of today's ruling on Prop 8 -- give it a read!! I'm so happy; I've been looking for this all evening (and getting distracted, I'll admit)!


Jul. 28th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Totally satisfied.

Went to see Salt last night. You should also see it, ASAP. Angelina Jolie is in top form. Talented and sexy, as always, she kicked major fucking ass in this movie.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

You better fucking believe it!

I love that this notion is being celebrated by so many kick-ass women in the industry right now. Think women are merely pieces of furniture who sit on the sidelines and let the men around them make decisions for them? Think again. We've got The Bride Who Wore Black, out for revenge against the men who have wronged her. We've got The Black Mamba destroying everyone in the way of getting to her daughter. We've got Mary-Ann and Wanda working out a plan, 'cause Earl has to die. We've got Honey B breaking Gaga out of jail, and together shattering societal perceptions, perpetuated by mainstream media, of what women are and are not capable of. We've got Evelyn Salt toting whip-like intelligence and phallic symbols galore, wearing a gut-wrenching, fierce expression of you should not have done that; now you get to die.

This movie hit home for me in a very profound way. Mere hours before I saw it, I sat with one of my best friends for quite some time, listening to her describe the relationship she's trapped in, the relationship she wants to get out of but is terrified to try. I listened, relieved that she's no longer in denial, and my heart ached.

And you know what? I wanted, in the moment, to do some serious damage to the man who has manipulated her into believing that she has no power in their relationship. I cannot pretend; I want to fucking kill the asshole for exerting his control over my best friend, for emotionally abusing her with shouted insults and disparaging comments only to pull a 360 and apologize profusely with bullshit proclamations of love, time and time again. I want to pull an Evelyn Salt on his ass, just to get him out of her life for good. I want my healthy, beautiful, whole best friend back, and right now that piece of shit excuse of a man has control of her.

But the truth is that she can do it herself. She is a strong, capable woman with power in every sense of the word, and she has to be the one to remove this parasite from her life. And she will. I have no doubt about that.

Because we women are powerful: physically, mentally, emotionally. We bounce back. We take control of our own lives. If you want proof that strong women exist everywhere, all you gotta do is look around. The evidence is overwhelming.
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How do I begin to describe Lady Gaga's Monster Ball, which I had the fortune of experiencing last night? No doubt this recap will be chock-full of cliches and hyberole, so let's get this thing rolling.

I don't even know where to start. )

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