Jun. 14th, 2011 09:52 pm
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i haven't talked about this before. i have very strong feelings about this, and i don't even really know the whole story, but sometimes i find myself shaking with anger over the situation and i just--i finally have to let it all out.

a while ago, a good fandom friend of mine, 8ways, decided to bow out of fandom. she deleted her journal and froze her tumblr, and has since disappeared off the face of the map.

there were people in the Glee fandom bullying her to no end over a story she wrote for the Kurt/Blaine holiday exchange (almost six months ago now). these people bothered her relentlessly over it, making her fic into a running joke. i know it upset her. i won't pretend to know if this was her reason for leaving; there may have been real-life demands that required her to step away from fandom, but i have my suspicions that at least part of that decision was related to the treatment she received from certain parts of fandom.

and it pisses me the fuck off.

8ways was my friend. she supported me when i was completely new to the Glee fandom, always commenting so sweetly on my stories. she herself wrote wonderful stories. as a matter of fact, she was actually writing a remix based off of one of my stories; a bit of glee and bliss i carried with me during low-points in my life and writing process. she was going to write a story that i will in all likelihood never get to read, and i know she had so many other stories to share with the fandom, stories that we are going to miss out on. that fact? it destroys me whenever i think about it.

i hate that some enormous, anonymous asshats within fandom--for a show that is filled with joy and fucking glee!--might have driven a friend of mine out of it through the very behaviour that is so obviously present and abhorrent in the very show we claim to love. i hate that i might not ever get to speak to her again. the very fact that i cannot credit her properly in this post, because her journal has been deleted, absolutely pisses me off.

even if her reasons for bowing out are completely separate to this issue, it still pisses me off. that behaviour was ridiculous, and she should never have had to endure it. but i suspect that this ordeal was an enormous factor in her decision, since she basically deleted herself from Kurt/Blaine history. if you search the Kurt/Blaine community for her username now, you can't find her stories. i can't read her stories ever again.

i hate it.

8ways, my darling, if you ever read this: please, please come back. you are wonderful. your stories were wonderful.

i miss you all the fucking time.
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United States of Tara has been cancelled.

US of T is an amazing show with excellent writing, compelling characters, and a moving, intriguing story line. Diablo Cody was the mastermind behind this show, and the characters she created were dynamic; strong, intelligent women with ambition, passion and investment for something besides a man.

It's an absolute travesty that this show is ending now. It was just getting really good. We discovered some major stuff this season; information on why Tara has Dissociative Identity Disorder. We were going somewhere really interesting with Moosh, too, and with Kate and Max and Charmaine and Nate. I was fucking miserable when I heard this news last night, and I don't feel any better about it with a night's sleep.

This show was so fucking good! And while crappy-ass television shows like Jersey Shore, Two and A Half Men, and the ridiculous number of CSI and Law & Order versions continue to be picked up despite terrible writing and plainly awful concepts, a unique show has been axed. I know television is all about ratings and money, and shows like Jersey Shore and CSI garner those things (for reasons that utterly escape me, but whatever). But it's just such a fucking shame that truly amazing television shows like Firefly, Dollhouse, My So-Called Life, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, and now United States of Tara will never get the continuations they so veritably deserve.

hold me

May. 4th, 2011 08:27 pm
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Canada is now governed by a Conservative majority leadership. This means Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, will have four years to irreparably damage our country until it is unrecognizable, and maybe then people will actually give a shit.

I don't understand how his party could be re-elected when they have undermined the Constitution time and time again. This party is pro-military. They want to spend money we don't have on fighter jets, and increase spending on crime even though crime rates have dropped. The party has slashed arts funding, as well as funding for women's groups, gay rights groups, and single-parent families.

I worry about the state of this country. How bad does it have to be for people to care? Will we wait until laws are changed to criminalize abortion? To have harsh sentences for smoking marijuana? To have the death penalty instated? I honestly don't think these are far stretches.

And we're going to get fixed election dates, which means we'll be stuck with a bullshit party instead of being able to call a goddamn election when we need one.

Maybe I'll move when I'm done with school.
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So, Glee.

Cut for spoilers, obvs )


Feb. 13th, 2011 06:42 pm
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There are rumours flying around the internet that Blaine, the newest addition to Glee, might be questioning his sexuality in an upcoming episode.

When this rumour first broke a few days ago I was extremely flippant about it. After all, every bit of press for Blaine on Glee has raved about how he's a confident gay teen, and how refreshing that is for television.

I mean, why fuck with that potential?

I'm still taking the rumour with a grain of salt, but Perez Hilton just posted the story as well, so I'm starting to get anxious.

If this does turn out to be true, I very much doubt I'll be able to keep watching. They could have any of the characters on the show question their sexuality; how about one of the well-known straight guys? If they decide to go with Blaine, of all people, I will be so fucking angry.

Because I've started to really like Glee! I love Kurt and Blaine, and the friendship and potential romance they're straddling right now. I love the community I've been participating in since Blaine first appeared on the show, and I would be sad to see any of that end, but...

I genuinely don't think I'll be able to stomach this complete bullshit of a storyline.

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But could we possibly do away with the handguns and pistols and assault rifles? Unless you're hunting for food or sport, in designated areas, why the fuck does anyone need to own a gun? Why are people allowed to own a pistol or shotgun or AK47? I'd love to know.

I am devastated that a little girl and five others are dead, a congresswoman and thirteen others clinging to life, because someone who was deemed too unstable to join the military or attend community college was apparently stable enough to purchase and carry a gun. He brought it into his school and actually caused fellow students to fear for their lives.

Discussions of political violent rhetoric aside, the question of why people are able to purchase guns and carry them, concealed, is paramount. I know the issue intimately; in 2006, a man walked into a college in my city and opened fire on the students. An 18 year-old woman was shot and killed because she went to class that day, a woman some of my friends went to school with and knew well. The murderer used a semi-automatic weapon to injure 19 other people before turning the gun on himself. It was later discovered he owned not one but several guns.

Why did he have access to assault rifles and shotguns? That's a good fucking question!

We need to rid of the guns. When we see for ourselves the damage they inflict on people, on entire cities of people, on an entire nation, we must call for action together. It starts with changing the system so that one cannot simply walk into a Wal-Mart and buy a gun and bullets with little to no background check. It starts with asking why people want and/or need guns in the first place. Why do people feel so unsafe?

We are essentially handing people the tools to hurt others. It's fucked up. It's completely ludicrous, and something needs to be done about it!
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Dear anti-smoking individual,

As a matter of fact, I have been living under a rock my entire life and have never before heard this fact: smoking is bad for you!

You know what else isn't good for you?

Working constantly.
Eating junk food.
Getting too much sun.
Not getting enough sun.
Stepping outside your house when the air quality's shit.
Too much alcohol.
Too much sex.
Anxiety and worry.
Not having health coverage.
Having an unhelpful, apathetic math teacher.
Being poor.
Some medications.

There are a ridiculous amount of activities and factors that can be bad for us as human beings, some of which we are helpless to, some of which we consciously choose, despite knowing the risks involved.

Yes, we know smoking's bad for us. We've seen the same PSAs and read the same pamphlets. We see the cigarette pack warnings every time we open our pack of smokes, and moreover we hear it from every supposedly well-meaning person who sees fit to remind us that smoking is bad for us.

We know. And yet we smoke.

Go ahead and analyze the psychology behind smokers continuing to participate in a bad habit/activity, but please don't act like you're better than that. When you forgo wearing sunblock so you can get a nice tan, or when you eat junk food even though you know it's high in sodium and sugar, you're essentially saying, "I know the risks of doing this, but right now I don't care."

It's not from a lack of information that we continue doing the things we know are bad for us. But look, we tried it one day and liked it, so we tried it again and before long it developed into a habit we use to cope during stressful times; to calm our anxieties. This can be applied to many (if not most) people within a variety and number of activities and habits. Certainly smoking is not a health way of dealing with shit, but it's really not anyone else's business. It's no more my business what you do to stay calm while studying or finishing an assignment than my smoking is to you.

Now, I actually appreciate that my close friends who do not smoke may wish for me to quit smoking and even say so. Their concern is sweet. Not so sweet are the rude slants made against me by virtual strangers and passersby on the street when they see me smoking. I'll never understand what makes a person feel they have the right to call me out when they don't even know me.

This very weekend I spent a full day at school with one hundred students, all of whom are in my program of study. For nine hours we played ice-breaker and team dynamic activities, and shared our respective cultures with each other. It was an interesting and enlightening experience.

During a fifteen minute break some of us went outside for a cigarette break, and when we returned one of the leaders shouted, for the entire room to hear, "SMOKERS!"

Similarly, when I raised my hand to respond to a discussion topic, the leader called on me with a shout of, "Yes, smoker?"

And finally, a fellow student I had never even spoken to felt it necessary call out to my friend and I as we passed, "The smokers!"

By the end of the day I was nearly shaking with anger. Why?


Please don't consider it your place to call out a smoker, in public, in private -- at all. Unless you have some history with him or her, you really have no right or business saying those things. I'm not blowing smoke in your face, or forcing you to participate; I'm not walking around shouting, "I JUST WENT FOR A SMOKE, LOSERS!" I am merely partaking in a personal decision which has nothing to do with you.

Kindly keep your comments to yourself.

Thank you very much,
A smoker.
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I sat through a horrible meeting today. It went two hours long, with nothing constructive whatsoever; the people assembled merely throwing out random ideas that everyone else countered while throwing out more ideas that everyone else countered.


Person chairing the meeting: Well, it's summer, so there's gonna be a lot of hit and miss.

Me: *in my head* It's hit OR miss! How does hit AND miss even make sense!? Think before you speak, Adult-With-Twenty-More-Years-of-Life-Experience-Than-I!

Me: *aloud* ...


I fucking hate meetings. They make me want to smash things.
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So, I guess this is a bit late, what with Chris Brown's tearful BET performance being nearly a week ago. But I want to say something anyway, because that's just how I roll.

Kinda tl;dr, and possibly triggering to victims of domestic violence. Read with caution... )


May. 17th, 2010 10:58 am
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Christina Aguilera: I don't think I could ever really be with a woman because that's a lot of... what do you call it? Guys have testosterone, girls have...? Yeah, there's a lot of estrogen and I'm a lot to deal with when it's the time of the month, so I can't imagine it times two. And, you know, I love dick. That I can't live without."

The sheer... amount... of stupid... is overwhelming!!

Hoooomygod. Mmkay.

Hi XTina.

First of all, men and women have testosterone and estrogen in their bodies. Men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women, and women generally have higher levels of estrogen than men, but men and women generally have both hormones in their bodies, for your information. You're welcome.

So, you're a lot to deal with at that time of the month? Oh, X-Tina, thank you for purporting that lovely stereotype about women. I can tell it was completely necessary for you to share that in a magazine interview, to establish loud and clear that you could never really be with a woman, you know, because women have periods and pesky PMS and estrogen; ugh so annoying. Plus, women don't have dicks. Can't live without the DICK.

There is so, so, so much wrong with what you've said here, XTina. Jesus Christ, woman, you're not a fucking teenager anymore; you're thirty years old! Maybe quit it with the "I ♥ dick!" and the unspoken, implied "BUT NOT VAGINAS - I AINT A LESBIAN. Don't be mistaken, I'm straight, or wait, I GO BOTH WAYS! (But I'm really straight, see? It's just IN right now to dig chicks, too. Still love dick... Did I mention I love dick?)"

Ugh. Just. Go away please.

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I think I have nearly completed my Integrative Project! I figure I've got another 500 words to write and then this baby's finished! I just wanted to share this news with you because it's been a major work-in-progress for the last month and a half. I can't wait to be done with it!

After that I've got an essay due on Fight Club, and then I'll be a couple weeks away from the end of the semester. Can't wait. I'll be able to focus on my Psych fic and give it the love it deserves.

I went grocery shopping on Thursday and now I have food in my apartment. Man, I love food. I bought some vegetable hummus and it is incredibly delicious.

Tangent: Know what pisses me off? There's this guy on American Idol this season called Adam Lambert who is quite talented and awesome, and he happens to be gay. All over YouTube, people are like, "gay or not, he is awesome". I know the internet is full of stupid and I should probably just ignore it, but goddamn it, what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Ugh.
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Today was fairly eventful.

I had lunch with the aforementioned crush, which helped to establish that crush as directionless and in the process help me gain a new friend! And hey, I can always use more friends!

I presented the proposal for my Integrative Project, which is the project I need to tackle and pull off in order to graduate from college. It went well. I can tell my teacher trusts me and my process, and I know he's going to give me the guidance and freedome to do what I want to do successfully.

I also gave an oral presentation on gender assumptions in Men and Masculinity. Not entirely sure how that went, but I'm a little wary about the length (i.e. mostly how short it was). We'll see.

I had a scare with one of my classes where I thought I was failing, but it turns out everything's fine. It was just an error in the marking scheme thus far in the semester, so that's a relief!

And finally, I came home this afternoon to find my internet disconnected. I then spent 45 minutes on the telephone with Rogers/AT&T, where I was transferred from Tech Support to Customer Service to Accounts Receivable, back to Tech Support again, where I learned I needed to speak with Customer Service one last time. After being put on hold for another fifteen minutes of muzak, including some jazzed up versions of Killing Me Softly and Cat's in the Cradle, I was finally put in touch with a representative of some department or other who explained that my internet has in fact been disconnected since this past January. I informed him that there has in fact been no change in my internet service whatsoever, and after some arguing over whose fault the whole mess was, I asked if he could please recennect my service. He quickly told me that the re-activation process would cost 29.99, and - well, that's when I started getting pissed off. I said, "I've been transferred 6 times in the last 45 minutes, I've been on hold for fucking half an hour, and now you're telling me that I've gotta pay 30 bucks to have my account reconnected when I never wanted it disconnected in the first place? Forget it; this is bullshit." And that's when the guy said, all friendly, "What would you like me to do, Ma'am? Would you like me to waive the re-activation cost?" ...

No, I'm not even kidding. Anyway, it's all sorted out now. I've got my internet connection back, even though the dude said it would take at least 24 hours to get it up and running. I just think it's incredibly funny that I've been receiving free internet for over two months. Funny and satisfying and fitting!

And that is the very long story of my day. Hope yours was better!
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I should really get some sleep right about now. It's two in the morning, I'm exhausted, and yet I'm still sitting in front of my computer instead of getting some much-needed shuteye.

You know when you get that feeling in your throat? You know, where it starts to hurt to swallow and your nose starts to stuff up and you can just feel the fucking cold comin' on? Yeah, that's been the majority of my evening. I worked a few hours, and it was just fucking awful. I almost cried it was so frustrating. I just... hate calling assholes when I'm not feeling well. Why'd this have to start in the middle of my March Break? Fuck you, shitty immune system. Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery.

(In case you're counting, this is Cold No. 2 of 2009.)

I am working a ~delightful six hour shift tomorrow, which should prove to be... oh, entirely nightmarish. There's only so many times I can hear, "Sorry, not interested", before I get the overwhelming, nearly irresisible urge to shout, "Yeah? You and everyone else I've talked to today, Fuckface. But you have a nice day anyway!" Fuck I hate my job. I can't wait for the summer when I can get a new one.


God, I really need some sleep (and maybe a cure for the common cold?)...


EDIT: Great! According to another Google ad, I'm just a few clicks away from finding an interracial relationship online! Not an African boyfriend, but an interracial relationship. Screw the actual guy! Pass me the past (and unfortunately still too current) social taboo, please!!!!
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and fuck people aren't kidding when they call this shit sexist drivel. It was fucking awful, and that's one of the nicer things you can say about it.

Observation 1) Edward Cullen is the epitomy of the creepy, possessive boyfriend. He follows Bella, sneaks into her room to watch her sleep for god's sake, makes decisions about what she can and can't do, and is unreasonably jealous of other guys around Bella. There's this scene where Bella is being surrounded by this gang of guys who are undoubtably going to do unkind things to her, and Edward shows up to save the day. Problem? I honestly don't see much of a difference between the potential rapists and Edward, apart from the fact that Bella welcomes and reciprocates Edward's feelings for her.

Observation 2) Bella is a goddamn lovesick teenaged girl who can't see past Edward's physical allure, and in the process, misses the violent and dangerous aspects of his character - the only aspects of his character. At no point in the film do we actually see any redeeming qualities in Edward. What is he besides dangerous and obsessive? Not a whole lot, in my view.

Observation 3) Bella is only seventeen years old, and she wants to die so she can spend the rest of eternity with Edward. Forget graduating from high school or university, having a career or a life perhaps?? Her life now revolves around Edward. I mean - fucking hell, that is a horrible message to send to young women.

Other things that made my head spin:

- She arrvies at the hospital with a broken leg, several gaping, bleeding wounds, and a fucking bite mark on her arm, and her parents just accept the Cullens' explanation of, "she fell down two flights of stairs and crashed through a window"? This is after her father has pretty much stated that he finds Edward creepy and has given Bella Pepperspray, just in case. And they just accept this ridiculous explanation of her injuries. WHAT THE FUCK!?

- She has to hurt her father to help him, so she uses the words her mother used when she left him, and this is apparently "the only way he'd let her go"? Riiiight. Fuck, that was such a painful scene. The only redeeming character (besides Jacob), and he gets this suckerpunch of an insult just for looking out for his daughter? So awful.

- Edward's a fucking douche. Jacob (the other redeeming character, and a much more appropriate love interest for Bella) can't even talk to her without him coming to her rescue? Warning sign, dude...


Ugh. K. Gotta stop or start getting really frustrated...

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