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You curl up in bed with your laptop at 6 in the evening and wake up twelve hours later.

Today's a stay-at-home-to-write-reports day. I have three reports to write: an observational one, a written analysis of an activity I animated yesterday, and a client profile to finish writing.

It is clear my two weeks of relative quiet are over. See you all in December!!

Just kidding, but yeah, I'll be really busy until December 7th. But then I have about four to five weeks off. So excited!

And now I'm off to respond to comments (but an enormous THANK YOU is in order right now) on my latest silly Kurt/Blaine story. If it qualifies as a story... XD

Seriously, thank you, friends! ♥


Oct. 16th, 2011 12:24 pm
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So I have a midterm tomorrow for which I should be studying, and an activity I need to plan out for the girls at the group home, but all I really want to do is continue working on the first story I've gotten real inspiration for since the summer.

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning to animate an activity with a girl at the group home I'm interning at this semester. Tomorrow's the big day. So, here are a couple examples of my math-related Glee questions:

Rachel has three interviews scheduled with Jacob Ben Israel tomorrow. Jacob wants each one to be six minutes. How long will she be stuck with him?

If Sue pushes eight students three times a week, how many lawsuits is she at risk for?

I'll let you know how it goes! Wish me luck :)

Hi y'all!

Aug. 21st, 2011 11:16 pm
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I never freaking post anymore! I'm sorry! ♥ So here's a short update on my life at the moment, fandom-wise and RL-wise.


I am participating in the KlaineBigBang, for which my submission has been sent out. My artist is ~incredible, and I cannot WAIT for you guys to see her beautiful work. I'm in awe, honestly. I don't yet know when posting for that will begin, but I will update my journal to let you know when that's happened (for those of you who are interested in reading it, of course). I'm super stoked, not only to share the story I've been sitting on for quite some time, but also to read all the other offerings that I know will be bloody brilliant.

Aside from that whopper, I'm working on a series of short fics about the various members of New Directions' attempts to get relationship advice from Kurt and Blaine. There are two stories so far, posted under my AO3 (ArchiveOfOurOwn) account, of the same username as this journal. They're pretty silly, but maybe you like silly?

I'm also currently mulling over another fic that will (I hope) archive Kurt and Blaine's preparations for New York, which doesn't necessarily produce the desired results. This story idea was inspired by a conversation I had with [ profile] perumen and [ profile] cxco after we watched Glee Live 3D (or whatever it's actually called).

Speaking of which, I enjoyed the movie. I bounced around in my seat and sang along to every song, so it was definitely entertaining. [ profile] cxco and I applauded after every number and then for each of the cast members' names in the credits. I was sad there was no Single Ladies dance or Kurt/Blaine skit, but what're you gonna do, you know? You can't have everything.

Also, I am SUPER FUCKING EXCITED for S3. I'm going to attempt to keep myself as unspoiled as possible, but I make no promises. I'm pretty terrible at restraining myself.

Real life:

I start school tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning. Yes that's early, and yes I'm a little disappointed that my summer's over. But I'm anxious and excited about going back, especially since I have my first training internship--here we call it 'stage', NOT pronounced like the thing theatrical performances take place on. I'll be working at a group home with youth who struggle with severe anxiety and depression, which should adequately explain the excitement and anxiety I have about starting back at school!

I also have four other classes to juggle along with my stage placement, but they all sound like informative, fascinating classes (Aggression & Isolation, Neurological Deficits), so I'm looking forward to it. Not looking forward so much to the vast amount of work I will have to do over the next fifteen weeks, but hey, what're you gonna do, right? Has to be done!

I'll also be working one day a week at ths sandwich shop I applied to earlier in the summer. I really like the job, and I could use the extra cash, but I'll have to see how long I can maintain those hours with my school demands.


All of that? Means I probably won't be around as much within fandom as I have been in the past year. I could afford to devote a few hours a night to reading and writing fics, discussing Glee and Klaine, and just generally enjoying the hell out of myself in the k_b community last year, but I do not yet know how feasible that's going to be this year. I'll be around for the KlaineBigBang for sure, and hopefully the first month won't be too bad, but I'm letting you know now ahead of time (for those of you who want to know) so that if I disappear off the face of the internet for a few weeks (e.g. during midterms and finals, etc.), you'll know why. My heart will still be here, of course, but my brain might not be.

No matter what happens, though, I will absolutely make time to watch Glee every week, and I may find the time to post my thoughts about the episode afterward. We'll see!

Also, if you want to contact me for any reason, give me a shout via PM here or over at Tumblr, and I'll certainly get back to you ASAP!

Hmm. This ended up not so short...


What's going on with all of you??


Apr. 11th, 2011 11:34 pm
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I might lose my head before the week is over. I don't even know how I'm gonna make it to Friday at this point; there's so much to do with so little time to do it in, and I'd rather just sleep.
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If only I didn't have a midterm tomorrow, for which I desperately need to study. I'd prefer not to spend my evening memorizing the causes and treatments of cerebral palsy, and the difference between epilepsy and seizures BUT -- duty calls!
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I'm currently registered and studying in a specialized three-year technical program aimed toward training students to work in the helping field. One of the main areas involved in this training is learning how to work with people who have intellectual impairments like Down Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder, or people who have physical impairments and/or disabilities. There are so many aspects to training when it comes to this, from learning one-on-one skills for helping clients to achieve their own success, to learning the appropriate terminology when it comes to working with and referring to people who have disabilities.

Here's a basic rundown:

We're all people first. Some people have visible, physical disabilities; some people have invisible ones. But no matter what, the person comes first. Always. So we don't say 'the autistic kid prefers routine'; we say 'the child with autism prefers routine'. See the difference? The first way implies that the disability or impairment defines that person, when the opposite is true. No one wants to be known by one aspect of themselves.

You know how people say, "That's retarded!", not unlike the way people say, "That's gay!" That is already being erased from my vocabulary. I didn't really use the word that much when I was growing up because I've had friends who had Down Syndrome or autism; therefore, it always felt rude and offensive to use it. If I object to people saying, "That's so gay!", how is saying, "That's so retarded!" any different? It's not.

Look out for it yourself; you'd be surprised how often people use that word instead of saying 'stupid' or 'ridiculous'. It makes me physically cringe now. I hear people yelling it to each other in the hallway, or saying it casually; it's become such a part of this generation's slang. It's rough when you're in a program like mine. It sticks out, it really does.

So that's one part of the training I'm receiving: learning sensitive terminology. There's more to it: 'wheelchair-bound' sounds restrictive and limiting; many people who use wheelchairs don't find their experience to be restrictive or limiting at all. Unless, of course, a facility has made it impossible for someone who uses a wheelchair to access that facility.

A person with a disability is not 'handicapped'. It's inaccurate to call it 'handicapped parking' or 'handicapped bathroom'; if they're accessible to people with disabilities then they're no longer handicaps. Why? Because that bathroom or that ramp is there, a person with a disability is no longer handicapped by their environment. The only time the word handicap should be used is if it's to reference the environment: The stairs are a handicap to the student who uses a wheelchair.

See the difference?

It's kind of about reconditioning your brain to think differently about these things. Language is so important to how we treat people. Language affects attitudes and perceptions whether we know it or not. If someone says, "Oh, she suffers from schizophrenia," it can shape our attitudes and perceptions about people who have schizophrenia. What a terrible suffrage it must be to experience schizophrenia. But many people live with schizophrenia the way people without a disability do. A diagnosis does not make up a person's entire being; it doesn't define them. The fact is that ALL people are different, whether we have a disability or not. Just like it's wrong to label or judge all women a specific way, or all gay people a certain way, it's wrong, as well as inaccurate, to judge and label everyone who has a disability in the same manner. Each person has their own unique experiences regardless of the particular labels they've been given by society.

I love learning and talking about language. What are your thoughts on this subject?

(P.S. One of my readings from a couple weeks ago even went so far as to say that each person with a disability is a person first, a sexual person second, and a person with a disability third. The misconceptions about sexuality and disability are staggering and almost unbelievable. I'll talk more about that soon in another post, if anyone's interested [and hasn't been put off by this post]...)
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I have so much reading to do for my classes, and I just thought I should explain why I've been so MIA lately, in case you were wondering. If you're on Twitter (@rockinhamburger), I update that a lot more often than I ever update my journal. Feel free to add me.

I wrote something! A few somethings, actually, which I haven't had the time to do much about. What with the reading. However, they are coming eventually. There's a collection of deleted/extra scenes from Beside You, my bigbang, and I've finally written something in Neil's POV.

I'll try and get that to you ASAP!

I haven't been able to read my flist at all lately, so please do give me a snapshot of what's happening in your life, if you feel inclined...

Thank you, lovelies ♥

AND: WHAT a thrill to be able to use my 'school' tag again. *happysigh*
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Today was fairly eventful.

I had lunch with the aforementioned crush, which helped to establish that crush as directionless and in the process help me gain a new friend! And hey, I can always use more friends!

I presented the proposal for my Integrative Project, which is the project I need to tackle and pull off in order to graduate from college. It went well. I can tell my teacher trusts me and my process, and I know he's going to give me the guidance and freedome to do what I want to do successfully.

I also gave an oral presentation on gender assumptions in Men and Masculinity. Not entirely sure how that went, but I'm a little wary about the length (i.e. mostly how short it was). We'll see.

I had a scare with one of my classes where I thought I was failing, but it turns out everything's fine. It was just an error in the marking scheme thus far in the semester, so that's a relief!

And finally, I came home this afternoon to find my internet disconnected. I then spent 45 minutes on the telephone with Rogers/AT&T, where I was transferred from Tech Support to Customer Service to Accounts Receivable, back to Tech Support again, where I learned I needed to speak with Customer Service one last time. After being put on hold for another fifteen minutes of muzak, including some jazzed up versions of Killing Me Softly and Cat's in the Cradle, I was finally put in touch with a representative of some department or other who explained that my internet has in fact been disconnected since this past January. I informed him that there has in fact been no change in my internet service whatsoever, and after some arguing over whose fault the whole mess was, I asked if he could please recennect my service. He quickly told me that the re-activation process would cost 29.99, and - well, that's when I started getting pissed off. I said, "I've been transferred 6 times in the last 45 minutes, I've been on hold for fucking half an hour, and now you're telling me that I've gotta pay 30 bucks to have my account reconnected when I never wanted it disconnected in the first place? Forget it; this is bullshit." And that's when the guy said, all friendly, "What would you like me to do, Ma'am? Would you like me to waive the re-activation cost?" ...

No, I'm not even kidding. Anyway, it's all sorted out now. I've got my internet connection back, even though the dude said it would take at least 24 hours to get it up and running. I just think it's incredibly funny that I've been receiving free internet for over two months. Funny and satisfying and fitting!

And that is the very long story of my day. Hope yours was better!
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I had my first 'Men and Masculinity' class yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm a bit worried about how this class is going to go. I was excited when I saw the texts we're reading, which include Fight Club, Brokeback Mountain and various essays on gender-related issues, focusing mostly on masculinity. They look fascinating.

But I'm concerned. The teacher introduced the first class with an activity where we had to break up into smaller groups and come up with 10 adjectives that generally describe what it means to be man. So obviously we all came up with stereotypical words like strong, independent, tough, proud, dominant. There was a general smattering of laughter at some of the points brought up, some disagreements, and some vaguely sexist and stupid comments. It's unsurprising. Stupid, but unsurprising.

At first I was thinking, "ok, he's trying to establish that these are characteristics which can and do describe women quite as easily as men". He was sort of inching toward that, I think, but in the process he said some really strange things. At one point a girl said, "How bout 'impulsive'?" and the teacher responded with, "How so? Do you mean sexually, or in his actions?" Then, without waiting for an answer, he says, "I'm just thinking that it's very easily a description of women, especially if it's that time of the month."


That really threw me for a loop, so much so I didn't even think to say anything, but the same girl was clearly offended by this comment as she punched her right fist into her left hand so hard the teacher said, "you disagree?" A brief discussion followed where he went on to say that women can't really walk around alone at night or go into bars by themselves, but men can. He acknowledged this as male privelege. Which, while true, had very little to do with the discussion at hand. And I chuckled when this tough, sassy girl behind me said, "I can go into any bar I want!"

Another example was when another girl said, "I was going to say 'funny'," and then teacher said, "okay, yeah, that's certainly true. Men do tend to be funnier than women; most women don't really have a sense of humour."


I don't even...

How is that...

Tbh, I had come into the class thinking that I was going to have to try and let things go. I figured people were bound to say dumb things, and I sort of told myself before the class started that I would try to restrain myself from responding to those types of ignorant comments. But from THE TEACHER in the FIRST CLASS?

I just. Couldn't stop myself. I put my hand up and he called on me and I said, "I don't know about that. The term 'sense of humour' doesn't necessarily imply being funny but suggests having a sense of humour: what's funny. Just because a woman doesn't laugh at a specific joke doesn't mean she has no sense of humour. I mean, senses of humour are different for each person, men and women alike."

And he said, "can you give an example?"

So I said, "Sure. There might be a man who likes toilet humour but if a woman sees no humour in that sort of joke, it doesn't mean she has no sense of humour at all. It probably just means she finds humour in something else, like... political satire, or whathaveyou." Then he sort of dismissed my comment and moved along in the discussion. I should have said that it's definitely possible to appreciate a good joke without being able to make one. Or that it's possible to recognize a bad joke when it's being made, like when someone refers to the stereotypes of how a woman acts when she's on her period. Oh god I wish I'd used that as an example!

I'm trying to think positively. Maybe he was using this exercise as a test to see who is willing to speak up against dumb shit like that. Maybe he was trying to create an engaging discussion, or trying to be provocative?

I don't know, but it was weird. I mean, he'd say that both men and women can be athletic and protective or strong and tough, but then he'd make a general blanket statement, like the two I listed above, that seemed to contradict his first point.

In any case, it doesn't bode all that well for the course. I really hope it imroves.

K, enough of my woes.

Ugh. Seriously, I have so much homework already and I only have four classes! This is not lookin' good...

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