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Four years ago I was living in an apartment in the city with two of my friends and working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, at a Subway restaurant about ten blocks from my apartment. I had decided to take a year off to work out what I wanted to do with my life after high school because I'd spent the previous year in a college program I pretty much hated.

There's a lot I don't remember about September 13th, 2006. But there's a lot I do.

It was a Wednesday morning. I woke up at about 9 am, showered, and got dressed for work. I went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast, and I noticed one of my roommates, and my best friend, Chara, wasn't out of bed yet. I knew her class started at 10, and I thought maybe she overslept, so I knocked on the door to check. I distinctly remember that I stuck my head around the swinging door, and that she told me she wasn't feeling well but she was going to try to make it to her class at 1:00pm.

I left for work.

I don't remember my morning shift at all.

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I am in full support of Olivia Munn on The Daily Show and in general. I just want to be clear here because I've seen people coming down on her for about a year, in a few different fandoms, and now it's happening again in yet another beloved fandom.

Now, look, I have no problem with people not enjoying her comedy or her general body of work, but I do have major issues with people casting aspersions on her for reasons unrelated to her work. If she makes a joke about her sex life (a joke =/= autobiographical), it is not an invitation to call her a whore or a slut, or to even insinuate that she's either.

I have spoken about this before, of course. There's this ugly, unfortunate tendency in many fandoms to rip apart the women there (usually because they're women), and it makes me FUCKING LIVID. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF WOMEN, SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN. Considering that we have ONE OTHER WOMAN on The Daily Show apart from Munn, it might be a good idea to lift her up and celebrate her achievements like the supportive women we're capable of being. Olivia Munn is a PERSON, not a character; not an article in a magazine; not a Playboy pin-up; not a slutty whore, A PERSON. When we reduce this woman to just these aspects of her career or invent our own ideas of what her personality must be like based solely on her career choices, we are judging her and holding her to a ridiculously high standard of behaviour that is rooted in defeatism and self-hatred, a by-product of many centuries of gender oppression. We should be loving this lady, who has clearly worked hard to get on THE FUCKING DAILY SHOW GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, and not ripping her a new one in word form from behind our computer screens.

I couldn't care less if you're not a fan, but FUCK, keep your internalized misogyny and sexism to yourself!
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i'm done.

i've tried to ignore the fuckery over at [ profile] aianonlovefest. i love writing and reading fic here in the fandom, and i'll continue to do so, but not at the meme. i am so fucking sick of the asshattery and the wank and the misogyny (from a mostly female fanbase; what the fuck!?), and i just can't do it anymore. it makes me feel physically sick when i see the fucked-up, sexist, awful insinuations about one of the only heavily featured women in the fandom.

what does it say about our community that kris' fictive infidelity is celebrated and lauded while katy's written out because she's in the way of kris and adam's kinky sex and true love? what is with this desire to write katy negatively? why can't she be awesome? is it so hard to imagine kris marrying a kick-ass woman? is it so hard to keep her kick-ass while still writing about potential feelings between kris and adam? in effect, she becomes a caricature of a woman, a plot device (if that!), while the men get all the spotlight, as usual. instead of keeping her in-character with the woman who stood by her boyfriend and supported him and encouraged him to go after his dream even when he had given up on it himself, she's often written as a vindictive, jealous, passive-aggressive bitch who only cares about her status as kris allen's wife. which is just fucking STUPID, because THAT'S NOT WHO SHE IS, and don't fucking tell me it is!

i almost wish i didn't care about any of this. it makes me tremble with anger when i see comments inferring or outright stating that katy is a bitch. do we have comments calling adam a 'fag'? fuck no! because that's a horrible, demeaning, homophobic, insulting word that we would never ascribe to someone we respect and care about. so why is 'bitch', a horrible, demeaning, sexist, insulting word, being used to describe katy, someone i respect and care about? FOR FUCK'S SAKE, we're almost exclusively women! when we call each other bitches, we only make it okay for men to call us that. you know, just for being in the way.

sometimes i suspect this attitude is induced by jealousy. katy has a lot going for her, and so people want to bring her down and make her into someone who doesn't deserve all the good in her life. FUCK THAT NOISE! why aren't we building each other up instead of putting each other down? why aren't we supporting and writing about these women? why don't we include katy in our fic as more than a piece of furniture, or a growth that needs to be removed?

fucking hell, WHY can't she join in the fun??


so i'm not going to be around the lovefest anymore. you can always find me right here, or by PM, and i'll still participate in challenges and post my fanfiction when i write it. and i'm sorry if you're disappointed that i'm leaving, but this is important to me and i can't just let it go. i'm not sorry if this post angered or offended you. i mean every word.
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An Open Letter to Chris Brown:

So, I just found this article that explained that you, Chris Brown, have taken a plea to your somehow still existent fanbase, asking for their help in getting your music back on the radio. I, for one, was quite happy when my local radio station boycotted your music in support of Rihanna, and I would not like to see that decision reversed.

Look, dude. You beat Rihanna. Not just once. This wasn't an on-the-whim slap across the face or a shove (both of which would be unacceptable as well, in my opinion); you punched her multiple times, bit her, attempted to strangle her before she was able to escape, and left her stranded on the side of the road, beaten and bloody with no way to get help. I seriously don't see how anyone could possibly want to listen to your music knowing all that; I feel physically sick to my stomach when I hear your voice and/or see your face. You gave one emotionless, long-after-the-fact apology, did not own up to what you did, came away from the trial with community fucking service, and now here you are, barely a year later, begging your fans to get your music back on the airwaves.

Listen up, moron. You have millions of dollars. What the fuck are you whining about? Go away! Disappear for five, maybe ten years. You're only 21 years old! People are still mad at you, and they haven't forgotten what you did. It's going to take more than a measly 12 months and too little too late apology to undo what you did, and frankly, the way you're handling all of this gives me the distinct impression that you are not really overly sorry about what you did to Rihanna except for the fact that you singlehandedly killed your career that night.

So, please. I am going to ask you nicely. Could you please go away?

And, because I don't feel like asking nicely, FUCK THE FUCK OFF!


And to the ridiculously ignorant Chris Brown fans who say:

-Oh, but he really is sorry, let's forgive and forget!
-Hey, Rihanna must have done something to provoke the attack...
-Chris Brown makes good music!
-Rihanna deserved what she got; she had it coming to her.


Here's what I have to say to those bullshit comments:

-Chris Brown is not truly sorry for what he did to Rihanna. He is certainly not sorry enough. If he were, he wouldn't be worrying about his fucking music career. He'd be making up for what he's done by going around to high schools and talking to students about what he did and how negatively abuse effects relationships and people, and you know what? He'd go to fucking jail and do the time he should have done!
-LISTEN UP! It is NEVER OKAY to repeatedly punch and try to kill your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/significant other. Or ANYONE, for fuck's sake. Violence is never, ever acceptable. Do not support violence by supporting people who condone violence with their actions. Hold these people accountable for their behaviour.
-Being a good artist does not give you the right or privilege to hurt other people. It does not give you immunity to be a complete fucking asshole, or worse, a CRIMINAL. Come on. Don't be a fuck-up.
-If you believe that anyone deserves what Chris Brown did to Rihanna, you seriously need help. I will not even provide that bullshit with an argument. In North America we practice freedom of speech, but just because you CAN say something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. If you seriously believe that any individual in an abusive relationship deserves to be abused and has it coming to them, you are evil to the core.

Please don't support violence.

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I've been reading an excellent blog over the last several days, entitled Mark Reads Twilight[ profile] iamsupernova directed me to it on Twitter, and it is a wonderful reminder of why no one should find joy in reading the Twilight series. The blog also highlights quite effectively all the sexist, badly written aspects of these books. Whether you enjoy Twilight or not, I suggest you read the this man's thoughts on Stephenie Meyer's universe. If you enjoy the series, it may help you realize why you shouldn't, and if you, like me, despise its existence in this (literary and otherwise) world, you will appreciate the sensible and humourous look at the series.

But the real reason I'm telling you about this blog is so that I can give you some context. The author of this blog, Mark, included this quote from the author of Twilight herself, Stephenie Meyer, and it should definitely be read.

"WHAT IF... What if true love left you? Not some ordinary high school romance, not some random jock boyfriend, not anyone at all replaceable. True love. The real deal. Your other half, your true soul's match. What happens if he leaves?

The answer is different for everyone. Juliet had her version, Marianne Dashwood had hers, Isolde and Catherine Earnshaw and Scarlett O'Hara and Anne Shirley all had their ways of coping.

I had to answer the question for Bella. What does Bella Swan do when true love leaves her? Not just true love, but Edward Cullen! None of those other heroines lost an Edward (Romeo was a hothead, Willoughby was a scoundrel, Tristan had loyalty issues, Heathcliff was pure evil, Rhett had a mean streak and cheated with hookers, and sweet Gilbert was much more of a Jacob than an Edward). So what happens when True Love in the form of Edward Cullen leaves Bella?

There is so much fail right there. But most alarming is the fact that Stephenie Meyer actually believes Edward Cullen is perfect, that he has done nothing wrong. And her view of true love? Terrifying. I just had to share. Now back to your regularly scheduled evening.


No new House tonight. Anyone know if there's a new Heroes? Please say yes!
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I had my first 'Men and Masculinity' class yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm a bit worried about how this class is going to go. I was excited when I saw the texts we're reading, which include Fight Club, Brokeback Mountain and various essays on gender-related issues, focusing mostly on masculinity. They look fascinating.

But I'm concerned. The teacher introduced the first class with an activity where we had to break up into smaller groups and come up with 10 adjectives that generally describe what it means to be man. So obviously we all came up with stereotypical words like strong, independent, tough, proud, dominant. There was a general smattering of laughter at some of the points brought up, some disagreements, and some vaguely sexist and stupid comments. It's unsurprising. Stupid, but unsurprising.

At first I was thinking, "ok, he's trying to establish that these are characteristics which can and do describe women quite as easily as men". He was sort of inching toward that, I think, but in the process he said some really strange things. At one point a girl said, "How bout 'impulsive'?" and the teacher responded with, "How so? Do you mean sexually, or in his actions?" Then, without waiting for an answer, he says, "I'm just thinking that it's very easily a description of women, especially if it's that time of the month."


That really threw me for a loop, so much so I didn't even think to say anything, but the same girl was clearly offended by this comment as she punched her right fist into her left hand so hard the teacher said, "you disagree?" A brief discussion followed where he went on to say that women can't really walk around alone at night or go into bars by themselves, but men can. He acknowledged this as male privelege. Which, while true, had very little to do with the discussion at hand. And I chuckled when this tough, sassy girl behind me said, "I can go into any bar I want!"

Another example was when another girl said, "I was going to say 'funny'," and then teacher said, "okay, yeah, that's certainly true. Men do tend to be funnier than women; most women don't really have a sense of humour."


I don't even...

How is that...

Tbh, I had come into the class thinking that I was going to have to try and let things go. I figured people were bound to say dumb things, and I sort of told myself before the class started that I would try to restrain myself from responding to those types of ignorant comments. But from THE TEACHER in the FIRST CLASS?

I just. Couldn't stop myself. I put my hand up and he called on me and I said, "I don't know about that. The term 'sense of humour' doesn't necessarily imply being funny but suggests having a sense of humour: what's funny. Just because a woman doesn't laugh at a specific joke doesn't mean she has no sense of humour. I mean, senses of humour are different for each person, men and women alike."

And he said, "can you give an example?"

So I said, "Sure. There might be a man who likes toilet humour but if a woman sees no humour in that sort of joke, it doesn't mean she has no sense of humour at all. It probably just means she finds humour in something else, like... political satire, or whathaveyou." Then he sort of dismissed my comment and moved along in the discussion. I should have said that it's definitely possible to appreciate a good joke without being able to make one. Or that it's possible to recognize a bad joke when it's being made, like when someone refers to the stereotypes of how a woman acts when she's on her period. Oh god I wish I'd used that as an example!

I'm trying to think positively. Maybe he was using this exercise as a test to see who is willing to speak up against dumb shit like that. Maybe he was trying to create an engaging discussion, or trying to be provocative?

I don't know, but it was weird. I mean, he'd say that both men and women can be athletic and protective or strong and tough, but then he'd make a general blanket statement, like the two I listed above, that seemed to contradict his first point.

In any case, it doesn't bode all that well for the course. I really hope it imroves.

K, enough of my woes.

Ugh. Seriously, I have so much homework already and I only have four classes! This is not lookin' good...
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and fuck people aren't kidding when they call this shit sexist drivel. It was fucking awful, and that's one of the nicer things you can say about it.

Observation 1) Edward Cullen is the epitomy of the creepy, possessive boyfriend. He follows Bella, sneaks into her room to watch her sleep for god's sake, makes decisions about what she can and can't do, and is unreasonably jealous of other guys around Bella. There's this scene where Bella is being surrounded by this gang of guys who are undoubtably going to do unkind things to her, and Edward shows up to save the day. Problem? I honestly don't see much of a difference between the potential rapists and Edward, apart from the fact that Bella welcomes and reciprocates Edward's feelings for her.

Observation 2) Bella is a goddamn lovesick teenaged girl who can't see past Edward's physical allure, and in the process, misses the violent and dangerous aspects of his character - the only aspects of his character. At no point in the film do we actually see any redeeming qualities in Edward. What is he besides dangerous and obsessive? Not a whole lot, in my view.

Observation 3) Bella is only seventeen years old, and she wants to die so she can spend the rest of eternity with Edward. Forget graduating from high school or university, having a career or a life perhaps?? Her life now revolves around Edward. I mean - fucking hell, that is a horrible message to send to young women.

Other things that made my head spin:

- She arrvies at the hospital with a broken leg, several gaping, bleeding wounds, and a fucking bite mark on her arm, and her parents just accept the Cullens' explanation of, "she fell down two flights of stairs and crashed through a window"? This is after her father has pretty much stated that he finds Edward creepy and has given Bella Pepperspray, just in case. And they just accept this ridiculous explanation of her injuries. WHAT THE FUCK!?

- She has to hurt her father to help him, so she uses the words her mother used when she left him, and this is apparently "the only way he'd let her go"? Riiiight. Fuck, that was such a painful scene. The only redeeming character (besides Jacob), and he gets this suckerpunch of an insult just for looking out for his daughter? So awful.

- Edward's a fucking douche. Jacob (the other redeeming character, and a much more appropriate love interest for Bella) can't even talk to her without him coming to her rescue? Warning sign, dude...


Ugh. K. Gotta stop or start getting really frustrated...

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