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Say what you want about Glee (I've probably said it myself in the past), but the lj communities that celebrate the show are wonderful places to be. Very, very friendly people hang out there that warm my heart daily!

So, why am I watching Glee when I could hardly stand it six months ago? It's quite simple.

Darren Criss playing a gay boy and almost definitely playing Kurt's boyfriend in the hopefully near future. They sing each other sweet songs and rehearse a Christmas duet together and bond over RENT and Patty Lupone and are generally filled with so much adorable it's ridiculous. And I CANNOT GET ENOUGH.

I've been hanging around the [ profile] kurt_blaine community for a few weeks now, reading piles of awesome Kurt/Blaine fic, and I've even written a few Glee fics myself. I'm having a blast.

You can find my Glee fic right here!

Glee fans are awesome and crazy and so much fun, however fail-y this show can be a regular basis! We make up for the fail. We rewrite the fail and make up our own stories and celebrate boylove every day.

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Facebook's a great tool for stalking keeping in touch with people you don't get to talk to very often, what with the busyness of everyday life. I was cruising my FB feed today, and I found a status from one of my cousins that brought me back to when she and my other cousin and my aunt and uncle came to visit when I was fourteen.

They live in Edmonton, so I can count the number of times I've seen them on one hand. When they came to visit in 2002 it had been about five years since I'd last seen my cousins. And at first there was some general uncertainty; what should we talk about when it's been that long? Do we actually have anything in common?

Well, as it turned out, my cousin Ali and I had a great deal in common with each other. Her and I quickly discovered a shared love of Harry Potter, and bonded over that -- as did my sister and her sister. But even more than that, we discovered a much more interesting common interest.

Fourteen was about the age I began to read and write slashfic with some regularity, but I hadn't told very many people because... well, you can imagine. Fourteen and heavily involved in reading and writing erotic gay fanfiction? Wasn't something I was quick to share! However, I saw she had a binder in her purse (which she had made herself; sewn them out of a pair of jean shorts -- so fucking cool!), and when I asked about it she admitted she was in the process of writing a Gundam Wing slash story.

I wasn't into Gundam Wing, but hearing that my cousin also read/wrote slashfic was undeniably awesome. We spent several hours talking about Harry Potter slash in general and the stories we'd read in particular. She was actually the person to introduce me to the infamous Draco Series (of which I was unimpressed, to be honest, but I never said that to her), and we spent the next year exchanging regular emails and occasional phone conversations.

Our friendship kind of fizzled out for a while, though it was reestablished when she visited Montreal a few years ago with her dad. We added each other on Facebook and started exchanging messages again for a little while. She was especially helpful after my painful break-up. We talked about more grown-up things this time around, and yet it was astounding to see, once again, how much we had in common. It's just so neat. We're definitely related!

The relationship I developed with my cousin was actually really helpful to me. It made me much more open to revealing my obsession with interest in slash to the people I felt I could trust. I told my friends, who were very supportive of it and even went out of their ways to read my fiction. It also made me more willing to talk about it sooner in a developing relationship. As a matter of fact, I've found a surprising number of slash loving friends by being open about it. There was a girl who came to my school about halfway through high school, and we ended up going to a movie, and I slept over at her house. We found, not unlike Ali and I, that we both loved Harry Potter and subsequently found ourselves squeeing over our adoration of H/D slash. This was awesome for me, but especially cool for her because she'd never told anyone that she secretly read slashfic. To this day we still see each other occasionally, and that bond that was created over slash will never be forgotten. A couple of years ago I dad a classmate over for lunch, and I happened to have livejournal open on my computer when I took it out of sleep mode. We became fast friends over our shared slash history.

It's these brushes with synchronization that make me feel like I was supposed to be in precisely those places at precisely those times. Who knows how my life would be different if I hadn't had those experiences and strengthened those relationships with such important common interests?

Basically, slash is fucking badass. It doesn't just turn us ladies on, it helps us to forge wonderful friendships, sometimes life-long. I think that's extremely powerful. We're such a big group of - for the most part :D - diverse, wordy, sex-positive, supportive, loving ladies; how cool is it that we've created these great communities in our internet pockets? How amazing is it that we can provide each other with a safe, fun place to talk about and dish out our porny fanfiction, share our gripes about fandom and the world, and even talk about what's really on our hearts? We're building each other up in a way that's not often present in the rest of society, or visible to your regular Jane or Joe. We're good friends. And we're taking over the internet ;)

I just think all of it is really fucking special!

And I love you all so much!


Jul. 8th, 2010 11:11 pm
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Seriously, Tommy Joe Ratliff is straight?


First of all, my jaw dropped when I saw this gif. I know Adam's done this before (on live tv no less), but it still makes me all wide-eyed and big-smiles.

The truth is, I'm not sure what I did to deserve the gift of Adam Lambert in my life. I don't think I can really put into words how grateful I am that Adam Lambert's here (and queer). My world is such a better place with him in it. If you had told me, when I first saw the YouTube clip of Adam singing Mad World on AI, that I'd be watching him smooch his hot bassist today, I'd have thought you were describing the plot of a fanfic. But no, it's a reality. And for a gal who's been enjoying the boy kisses for ten fucking years, this is all fucking AMAZING and I'm still not used to it.

Um. Second of all, after watching this gif... oh, a few times, and eventually dragging my eyes away from the overwhelming hot, I've found myself particularly intrigued by Adam's sparkly hair. I wish my hair was that sparkly ::wistful::

Last of all, UNF.

Zooooomg, thank you, Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff. I'm not sure you really are straight, Tommy; you seem just a tad too stoked about the stagegay to be completely straight. You seem to be the first person leaning into those kisses a good amount of the time... :P

Just admit it, you want in Adam's pants.

So get inside them.

Make sure you get video footage of the event.

And post it online! :D
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Title: Miscalculations
Author: [ profile] rockinhamburger
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe.
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Disclaimer: Do not own. Paramount and Gene Roddenberry do; I just play with the characters.
Summary: A fill for the following prompt by [ profile] the_deep_magic at Sinfest 4: Kirk/Spock first time -- someone manages to slip Spock the intergalactic equivalent of ecstacy. Kirk reeeeally doesn't want to take advantage, but he's got hot Vulcan hands all over him...
Warning: Accidental drug use.
Word Count: 1825
Notes: Nothing much to say, actually! Which is a rarity for me. Hope you like it!

'On behalf of the entire community, I would like to apologize to you, Captain Kirk...' )
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Title: Five Times Bones Just Knows
Author: Yours truly ([ profile] rockinhamburger )
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing. Why do I always fail to bring the pr0n when it comes to Trek??
Pairing: Definitely Kirk/McCoy, but it's all in how you read between the lines.
Disclaimer: I - quite obviously - do not own Star Trek. Roddenberry is the genius behind it, and I am but a lowly fan.
Summary: Jim vaguely wonders how he managed before Bones came into his life.
Notes: This is my first Kirk/McCoy fic. I've been working on it here and there for the better part of a month, and I think I like it. I hope you will, too. Unbetaed, unfortunately, so any and all mistakes are mine; please feel free to point them out to me!

Click me! )

Pinto fic!

Aug. 7th, 2009 09:25 am
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Title: Play Me Like a Theremin
Author: [ profile] rockinhamburger 
Rating: NC-17. Anything less would just be a letdown, wouldn't it?
Summary: He began searching frantically for his keys, which he could not, for the life of him, locate in the depths of his canvas bag. Not with Christopher-fucking-Pine breathing -- panting! -- in his ear and rutting against Zach shamelessly.
Notes: So, this is a response to the following prompt at the wonderful kink meme: It occurs to me that I don't think I've seen this yet (but would be quite happy to be pointed to preexisting fic that meets these requirements): Zach riding Chris's dick. At first he's kind of sultry and then he's kind of aggressive ... I've been meaning to finish it for a while, and I finally found inspiration for it this morning. So here you go!
Zach riding Chris? Yes, plz! )
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Microfic meme. Ten fic genres, each ten words long. This set's for The OC, a fandom I lurked in for a couple of years (and still feel nostalgic over occasionally). It's Seth/Ryan.


Click here for the microfics! )
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I can't seem to stop thinking about how fabulous Jon Stewart is. I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading and writing about the recent debate Jon engaged in with Gov. Huckabee over gay rights (the transcript of which can be found in my previous post), and glowing with pride over it. And because I had basically nothing to do today, I found myself scouring [ profile] tds_rps.

I discovered Fast Times at NAMBLA High by [ profile] smilesawakeyou, which is an AU high school fic that surprisingly, actually works. It features Jon Leibowitz (Stewart) moving from New Jersey to a smaller town, where he begins to attend NAMBLA High! Unfortunately, on his first day there he finds himself face-to-face with some anti-Semitic students, but all is not lost! His first class is English with teacher Mr Jerry Seinfeld. Mhmm! Jon quickly establishes himself as a well-spoken, sarcastic intellectual when he responds to a young Tucker Carlson's digs at Hemingway, grabbing the attention of one Stephen Colbert.

This excllent fic, which is 21 chapters long already and counting, features many other real life characters such as Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Anderon Cooper (just to name a few) as fellow classmates of Jon, and John Oliver, Steve Carrel, and Lewis Black (among others) in guest appearances as the faculty of Nambla High. There's even a cameo by Bill O'Reilly as the stick-up-his-ass principal of the school.

I don't want to give anything else away as there are many slashy pairings and plotpoints worth reading, so please go read it now if you're into that kind of thing. It's smart, funny, and hot! What's not to love?

After discovering that whopper of a fic, I found a slew of great Daily Show and Jon-centric interviews and a number of wonderful quotes on gay marriage here.

Finally, I found this biography of Jon, which is certainly the lengthiest, most thorough biography of Jon Stewart I've ever read. Read it.

Basically, what happens to me about once a year is happening. I am falling madly, deeply in love with Jon Stewart all over again. I'm completely unable to resist his charming, sarcastic wit, his endearing, self-deprecating humour, and his undeniable ability to call the partisan pundits out on their bullshit.

I love him.
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Oh god I just saw a fandomsecret about Twilight slash, specifically Edward/Jacob.

I can't unsee it!!!

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