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United States of Tara has been cancelled.

US of T is an amazing show with excellent writing, compelling characters, and a moving, intriguing story line. Diablo Cody was the mastermind behind this show, and the characters she created were dynamic; strong, intelligent women with ambition, passion and investment for something besides a man.

It's an absolute travesty that this show is ending now. It was just getting really good. We discovered some major stuff this season; information on why Tara has Dissociative Identity Disorder. We were going somewhere really interesting with Moosh, too, and with Kate and Max and Charmaine and Nate. I was fucking miserable when I heard this news last night, and I don't feel any better about it with a night's sleep.

This show was so fucking good! And while crappy-ass television shows like Jersey Shore, Two and A Half Men, and the ridiculous number of CSI and Law & Order versions continue to be picked up despite terrible writing and plainly awful concepts, a unique show has been axed. I know television is all about ratings and money, and shows like Jersey Shore and CSI garner those things (for reasons that utterly escape me, but whatever). But it's just such a fucking shame that truly amazing television shows like Firefly, Dollhouse, My So-Called Life, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, and now United States of Tara will never get the continuations they so veritably deserve.
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Let's talk about Sailor Moon.

This was one of my favourite shows as a child. My sister and I would watch every single episode. We had these miniature Sailor Moon figures (we only had Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, and the cats, though) and Sailor Moon blankets and bedsheets. We each had a Sailor Moon watch. It's fair to say we were pretty much obsessed.

I suddenly had the urge yesterday to look up some episodes, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while a little corny, it was still a really great show. It stars five young women who would band together to fight evil every episode. The characters were all very unique, with diverse strengths and failings, and a deep, deep friendship. Sailor Moon passes the The Bechdel Test with flying colours. It was a great show, I think, for female girls and teenagers to be watching because it showed that women could be strong, ambitious, and supportive while still occasionally mourning the uncertainty of being a teenage girl. It's not easy to be in that stage of life, and Sailor Moon showed that really well.

I still get chills watching certain scenes from the show. Sailor Moon may have been before or after your time, so it may not that have the same nostalgia factor for you, but I think the show still gives great examples of fun storytelling and character development.

This is the final battle of the first season, and it just... I get a lump in my throat every time.

Did you watch Sailor Moon? Talk to me :)
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So, Glee.

Cut for spoilers, obvs )
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um. yes, i'm sort of maybe very much getting into gossip girl. i know, i know, i know.

but you know what? it's pretty awesome.

when the oc first began airing back in the day lol, it did not seem like my kind of show. i can be a judgmental jerk a lot of the time, especially when it comes to popular culture, and the show just seemed like the very definition of crappy television.

but then i actually saw an episode, and i couldn't keep up the pretence that i disliked it any longer. it's a silly show with ridiculously over-the-top plotlines that go on for way too long and grate on your nerves; you can't begin to understand how anyone can be as big a dolt as marissa cooper. but it's a good show! and so i succumbed. i watched it on and off while it was on the air, and i read lots of seth/ryan fanfiction. it was fun.

so when i first heard about gossip girl, i had much the same attitude toward it as i had to the oc. despite having never read the series or bothering to watch the show, i made my unfounded judgments and decided not to give it a fair chance. but i have quite a few friends who watch it, and they all really like it. i've been ignoring my curiosity, as well as reluctant to get into yet another television show when i already have a bunch of 'em i need to catch up on, so i put it off. and i put it off some more. but i finally got around to watching the pilot last week, and i've been watching the episodes back-to-back ever since.

it's a silly show with ridiculously over-the-top plotlines that go on for way too long and grate on your nerves; you can't begin to understand how anyone can be as big a dolt as... well, a lot of the characters. but they're also really loveable. the dialogue's excellent, and as heightened a sense of reality as the show tends to operate on, it's not a bad representation of teenagers and that universe of teenagedom. it's exaggerated, certainly, but it's accurate in origin. i like that the show doesn't take itself too seriously; a lot of it is totally tongue-in-cheek, and it's surprisingly really funny.

so, what i'm saying is... you should watch it. it's pretty spectactular. don't be like me, judging something by its cover.
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I want to love this show. I want it to be one of my favourite shows on television because it's colourful, interesting, unique, and ultimately celebrates diversity. I'm behind all of that, and sometimes Glee is very enjoyable. 'Dream On', the episode Joss Whedon directed, was entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, and I really enjoyed the cinematography in it. Very clever, cool stuff.

My problem is that more than half the time I really don't like Glee. I find the characters semi-interesting, but mostly I find them to be massive stereotypes, mega high school cliches, and not always very three-dimensional. I also think there's been massive fail when it comes to covering certain social issues within the episodes, and that often gets in the way of my potential love for the show.

I do watch the occasional episode, though, despite how squeakily clean most issues are resolved (that are not related to the main plot points). It pains me when everything conveniently works out in their favour so that they learn a brilliant lesson about life in almost every single episode. And I know that's not something exclusive to Glee, but I find it very difficult to take the show seriously sometimes.

However, last night's episode, as I'm sure Gaga and Glee fans alike already know, was GleeGoesGaga.

My thoughts... )

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