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I've been reading an excellent blog over the last several days, entitled Mark Reads Twilight[ profile] iamsupernova directed me to it on Twitter, and it is a wonderful reminder of why no one should find joy in reading the Twilight series. The blog also highlights quite effectively all the sexist, badly written aspects of these books. Whether you enjoy Twilight or not, I suggest you read the this man's thoughts on Stephenie Meyer's universe. If you enjoy the series, it may help you realize why you shouldn't, and if you, like me, despise its existence in this (literary and otherwise) world, you will appreciate the sensible and humourous look at the series.

But the real reason I'm telling you about this blog is so that I can give you some context. The author of this blog, Mark, included this quote from the author of Twilight herself, Stephenie Meyer, and it should definitely be read.

"WHAT IF... What if true love left you? Not some ordinary high school romance, not some random jock boyfriend, not anyone at all replaceable. True love. The real deal. Your other half, your true soul's match. What happens if he leaves?

The answer is different for everyone. Juliet had her version, Marianne Dashwood had hers, Isolde and Catherine Earnshaw and Scarlett O'Hara and Anne Shirley all had their ways of coping.

I had to answer the question for Bella. What does Bella Swan do when true love leaves her? Not just true love, but Edward Cullen! None of those other heroines lost an Edward (Romeo was a hothead, Willoughby was a scoundrel, Tristan had loyalty issues, Heathcliff was pure evil, Rhett had a mean streak and cheated with hookers, and sweet Gilbert was much more of a Jacob than an Edward). So what happens when True Love in the form of Edward Cullen leaves Bella?

There is so much fail right there. But most alarming is the fact that Stephenie Meyer actually believes Edward Cullen is perfect, that he has done nothing wrong. And her view of true love? Terrifying. I just had to share. Now back to your regularly scheduled evening.


No new House tonight. Anyone know if there's a new Heroes? Please say yes!
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I would like to share a Twilight link with you. I haven't shared one in quite some time, but this one is so totally fucking worth it. Check it out immediately.

If 'Twilight' Was About Dragons (And Contained More Fisting) by Daniel O'Brien.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Just to prove this to you, have an excerpt:


In a sentence, this is a story about Bonita Ingénue a 15-year-old, misunderstood young woman who gets rescued from her provincial, boring life and whisked away to a fantastical world of exciting, sensual, magic and erotic, thick, penetrating whimsy. At the beginning of our tale, she leaves her hometown of Backstory, Massachusetts for the excitement and intrigue of Excitetrigue, Colorado. The kids at her new school are all impressed with how one-dimensional and uninteresting she is and it’s only a matter of time before all of the popular boys ask her out on romantic dates in the hopes of fingerblasting her. Even though Bonnie has her pick of the litter at school, she really has her heart set on Theo, the mysterious boy who lives just outside of town in Dragon Hills. Theo has feelings for Bonnie as well, but he also has a deep, dark secret. A deep, dark dragon secret. He is a dragon.

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I have a few awesome recs for Twilight haters:

Whip-smart, funny review of Twilight


Intelligent, well-written description of Twilight's sexist qualities

Well worth checking out. The review made me laugh out loud twice.

Two things!

Dec. 2nd, 2008 08:03 am
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1. Daily Show last night was so awesome. Jon and John did an amazing segment on the situation in Mumbai... I found it really touching and surprisingly appropriate. This show never ceases to amaze me...


I know it's important to talk about the creepy and unnerving concepts of Twilight so that an awareness can be stirred up, but I'm almost reluctant to do it myself. It's just another chance for people to think, "oh there goes Nikki again..." My best friend's birthday party is on Saturday, and I have a bad feeling about it. I'm almost certain it's going to come up, and when it does, do I:

-- Talk about the issues that have been brought to my attention - issues that I believe to be important - or do I
-- Let them talk and believe that Twilight is harmless fluff that doesn't do any damage to the development of young and older women?

Working in market research has taught me how to question, and I guess I've started compartmentalizing my life into questions like this.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Off to Video class now. I'm editing my Final video today, so it should be fun!
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Oh god I just saw a fandomsecret about Twilight slash, specifically Edward/Jacob.

I can't unsee it!!!
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and fuck people aren't kidding when they call this shit sexist drivel. It was fucking awful, and that's one of the nicer things you can say about it.

Observation 1) Edward Cullen is the epitomy of the creepy, possessive boyfriend. He follows Bella, sneaks into her room to watch her sleep for god's sake, makes decisions about what she can and can't do, and is unreasonably jealous of other guys around Bella. There's this scene where Bella is being surrounded by this gang of guys who are undoubtably going to do unkind things to her, and Edward shows up to save the day. Problem? I honestly don't see much of a difference between the potential rapists and Edward, apart from the fact that Bella welcomes and reciprocates Edward's feelings for her.

Observation 2) Bella is a goddamn lovesick teenaged girl who can't see past Edward's physical allure, and in the process, misses the violent and dangerous aspects of his character - the only aspects of his character. At no point in the film do we actually see any redeeming qualities in Edward. What is he besides dangerous and obsessive? Not a whole lot, in my view.

Observation 3) Bella is only seventeen years old, and she wants to die so she can spend the rest of eternity with Edward. Forget graduating from high school or university, having a career or a life perhaps?? Her life now revolves around Edward. I mean - fucking hell, that is a horrible message to send to young women.

Other things that made my head spin:

- She arrvies at the hospital with a broken leg, several gaping, bleeding wounds, and a fucking bite mark on her arm, and her parents just accept the Cullens' explanation of, "she fell down two flights of stairs and crashed through a window"? This is after her father has pretty much stated that he finds Edward creepy and has given Bella Pepperspray, just in case. And they just accept this ridiculous explanation of her injuries. WHAT THE FUCK!?

- She has to hurt her father to help him, so she uses the words her mother used when she left him, and this is apparently "the only way he'd let her go"? Riiiight. Fuck, that was such a painful scene. The only redeeming character (besides Jacob), and he gets this suckerpunch of an insult just for looking out for his daughter? So awful.

- Edward's a fucking douche. Jacob (the other redeeming character, and a much more appropriate love interest for Bella) can't even talk to her without him coming to her rescue? Warning sign, dude...


Ugh. K. Gotta stop or start getting really frustrated...

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