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and FUCK i'm just dead from the awesome.

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Let's talk about Sailor Moon.

This was one of my favourite shows as a child. My sister and I would watch every single episode. We had these miniature Sailor Moon figures (we only had Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, and the cats, though) and Sailor Moon blankets and bedsheets. We each had a Sailor Moon watch. It's fair to say we were pretty much obsessed.

I suddenly had the urge yesterday to look up some episodes, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while a little corny, it was still a really great show. It stars five young women who would band together to fight evil every episode. The characters were all very unique, with diverse strengths and failings, and a deep, deep friendship. Sailor Moon passes the The Bechdel Test with flying colours. It was a great show, I think, for female girls and teenagers to be watching because it showed that women could be strong, ambitious, and supportive while still occasionally mourning the uncertainty of being a teenage girl. It's not easy to be in that stage of life, and Sailor Moon showed that really well.

I still get chills watching certain scenes from the show. Sailor Moon may have been before or after your time, so it may not that have the same nostalgia factor for you, but I think the show still gives great examples of fun storytelling and character development.

This is the final battle of the first season, and it just... I get a lump in my throat every time.

Did you watch Sailor Moon? Talk to me :)


Jul. 28th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Totally satisfied.

Went to see Salt last night. You should also see it, ASAP. Angelina Jolie is in top form. Talented and sexy, as always, she kicked major fucking ass in this movie.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

You better fucking believe it!

I love that this notion is being celebrated by so many kick-ass women in the industry right now. Think women are merely pieces of furniture who sit on the sidelines and let the men around them make decisions for them? Think again. We've got The Bride Who Wore Black, out for revenge against the men who have wronged her. We've got The Black Mamba destroying everyone in the way of getting to her daughter. We've got Mary-Ann and Wanda working out a plan, 'cause Earl has to die. We've got Honey B breaking Gaga out of jail, and together shattering societal perceptions, perpetuated by mainstream media, of what women are and are not capable of. We've got Evelyn Salt toting whip-like intelligence and phallic symbols galore, wearing a gut-wrenching, fierce expression of you should not have done that; now you get to die.

This movie hit home for me in a very profound way. Mere hours before I saw it, I sat with one of my best friends for quite some time, listening to her describe the relationship she's trapped in, the relationship she wants to get out of but is terrified to try. I listened, relieved that she's no longer in denial, and my heart ached.

And you know what? I wanted, in the moment, to do some serious damage to the man who has manipulated her into believing that she has no power in their relationship. I cannot pretend; I want to fucking kill the asshole for exerting his control over my best friend, for emotionally abusing her with shouted insults and disparaging comments only to pull a 360 and apologize profusely with bullshit proclamations of love, time and time again. I want to pull an Evelyn Salt on his ass, just to get him out of her life for good. I want my healthy, beautiful, whole best friend back, and right now that piece of shit excuse of a man has control of her.

But the truth is that she can do it herself. She is a strong, capable woman with power in every sense of the word, and she has to be the one to remove this parasite from her life. And she will. I have no doubt about that.

Because we women are powerful: physically, mentally, emotionally. We bounce back. We take control of our own lives. If you want proof that strong women exist everywhere, all you gotta do is look around. The evidence is overwhelming.
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I am in full support of Olivia Munn on The Daily Show and in general. I just want to be clear here because I've seen people coming down on her for about a year, in a few different fandoms, and now it's happening again in yet another beloved fandom.

Now, look, I have no problem with people not enjoying her comedy or her general body of work, but I do have major issues with people casting aspersions on her for reasons unrelated to her work. If she makes a joke about her sex life (a joke =/= autobiographical), it is not an invitation to call her a whore or a slut, or to even insinuate that she's either.

I have spoken about this before, of course. There's this ugly, unfortunate tendency in many fandoms to rip apart the women there (usually because they're women), and it makes me FUCKING LIVID. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF WOMEN, SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN. Considering that we have ONE OTHER WOMAN on The Daily Show apart from Munn, it might be a good idea to lift her up and celebrate her achievements like the supportive women we're capable of being. Olivia Munn is a PERSON, not a character; not an article in a magazine; not a Playboy pin-up; not a slutty whore, A PERSON. When we reduce this woman to just these aspects of her career or invent our own ideas of what her personality must be like based solely on her career choices, we are judging her and holding her to a ridiculously high standard of behaviour that is rooted in defeatism and self-hatred, a by-product of many centuries of gender oppression. We should be loving this lady, who has clearly worked hard to get on THE FUCKING DAILY SHOW GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, and not ripping her a new one in word form from behind our computer screens.

I couldn't care less if you're not a fan, but FUCK, keep your internalized misogyny and sexism to yourself!

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